June 12, Monday, 2017

I have had my third neck surgery and truly hope it is the last one needed. I’ve been off work several weeks on LOA and am getting together my receipts for my AFLEC insurance.  I’d rather never eat Jello again, no offense meant to the company but living on it does get boring.

It is still bothering me that my son told police about him getting robbed while he lived here – but I am sure he didn’t tell them he kept leaving the doors unlocked while I worked online from home.  I never knew who was walking thru the house unless I stopped work and went to look.  He’s wanting me to stand good for that cash that walked out while I was at my desk, on phones, working.  I don’t think so…. the court ordered him to pay my medical bills after he assaulted me in Dec 2014 and I had him arrested for it.  I believe that’s why he yelled out from a car recently when I was taking trash out, for me to FU*K OFF!!!!! .  I’ve raised this person alone since he was about 5 years old and this is the respect I get now…. I’ve no clue what happened but about 2 or 3 years prior to 2014, he’d begun to talk ugly to me and throw things.  I was shocked to see a total tantrum from a 40 year old.  May God help him, as he was getting so angry I knew he would attempt to kill me someday.  It’s a nightmare when it’s your own “baby”.

Verdel and Jesse are doing okay and still with me.  I got a certified letter from George Aaron Taylor, a stepbrother, that my biological father passed away.  My ESP was working and I sensed his death when it happened. The oldest boy had gotten rude to me last time I talked to him so I didn’t respond here.  The younger one is a Jehovah minister and hasn’t contacted me but wasn’t really rude to me during his years.  They know where I am but I’ve no clue where they are since they’ve moved so many times.  Actions like I was just exposed to makes me think I’m not missing anything.  The boys can’t do anything with the inheritance for 15 years which makes me belly laugh.  BioDad always did want to be a cruel, vicious dictator and now’s his chance.

I’m sending myself flowers to get back to work, on Thursday.  and, I KEEP ALL THE DOORS LOCKED AND DEADBOLTED.


Right now, I’m off, to the once a month, Ladies Church Group meeting.

Rainbow roses must make you smile !!



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