Thursday, March 30, 2017

Well, things may not be so bleak. The Oncologist was nice. His news was tolerable. Seems I have an organ fussing and my body is making up for it by producing more red blood cells than my PC feels it should. I am going for a lot of sonograms and x-rays at this point to followup.

I heard today that my company had marked me as terminated and cancelled my ins in Dec 2016. That was the news at the Oncologist’s office also. I only had my Medicare. Needless to say, I am fussing about that at work. I signed up in Oct 2016 for it and was told I was all set unless I left working. I am still at the same place working!

I’ll be going soon for the workup for the surgery on my neck, again.

Life is strange and I’m treading water.


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