Sunday, March 26, 2017

It’s been wild at work recently. Over a week ago I took a call from a man named Pyne who was abusive and screaming that he was calling Corp and for me to just fix this blah blah blah. I called my SPVR immediately on him but she tells me to just do the best I can on the call. hummmm, he had asked for a SPVR but she refused the call. The very next day, I get a call from her to come into the chat room for a metting. Seems he did call Corp to report all the agents who’d hungup/refused his call as he bellowed. They dumped the blame on me, including the SPVR doing a writeup saying I avoided Calls. WTH … the day later I found my account listed as DEACTIVATED but she tells me not to worry, it’s a system error and I am alright. BUT, the password caused me to need a new PIN and I cannot get it being DEACTIVATED. Help Desk says after HR corrects this, it is only a few hours before all is well again. This is 5 days later. I’ve been told to send emails regarding my time so timekeepers will make sure I am paid. This can reflect upon my benefits but I am told not to worry – it’s a mistake. hummm, would you believe this? I’m not sure I’m buying this crap. At least this is a USA based company so they cannot get away with NOT paying me. It looks to me like they’ve taken off into the twilight zone because I stuck with that maniac and helped him, then got slammed saying I didn’t. BIG BS I see the schedule with a time on Tuesday for almost an 12 hour shift – wth? I really am not feeling secure here but being told to be VERY careful what is said to HR.

I’m not liking this job as much as I did in the beginning cause when a SPVR passes on taking a call, then accuses YOU of avoidance, there’s something very wrong. It doesn’t pay enough for this type SH*T.

Verdel’s health is going downhill fast. Have him in diapers now but he still has accidents, almost everywhere and is losing weight to the point he looks malnourished and emmanciated. At almost 17, the vet says this is normal but it’s breaking my heart to see this happen to my lovie.

For the past month, SamsClub has been harassing me about the renewal which is on autopay with 2 credit cards validated. I called and was told all is well. At 5am cst, I get a text asking me if I am at the SAMSCLUB doing a purchase…. OMG, I never had this issue in the past, why now>

Got a call last week from my PC. He is sending me to Texas Oncology group because my red cell count is abnormally high. AND, I finally got a third apt to see the Neuro but working has me schd to be working AGAIN. I’d sent in request a month ago, followed up several with reminders, and have reschd this twice now. I’m going to the doctor so I can get help with pinched nerves. Spvr was notified of the trips I need but …

ExH hasn’t been here in over a month. He’d been coming over everyday until he called me one night after I’d already gone to bed feeling bad and asked if he could come over to talk. I said ok. He showed up over 30 minutes later, talking on his cellphone. He never said a word to me, but just walked in and plopped down in my lounger. Two hours later, he’s still talking on the cellphone and hadn’t acknowledged I was even in the room. I verbally warned him to get off the phone or leave. He did neither so I turned off the TV & lights and went back to bed. He realized it was dark about an hour later and left. I mailed him a book on manners. Seems this hurt his feelings…. I am shocked … this is just a re-run of the marriage time and our being together. Enough.

I don’t know how this job will resolve. It’s a wah IB for a telecommunications company which is supposed to be a easy job. Being a scapegoat isn’t my bag. Seeing DEACTIVATED on my acct but being told not to worry somehow doesn’t match up when one dept tells you one thing and another says something different. The Help Desk says this should have been corrected in a couple of hours & that something is wrong. The SPVR says she’ll fix it and to keep sending her hour emails daily. I don’t think as much of her since she passed on that PYNE person and refused the call, putting ME in jeopardy by actually lying about it. I seem to be a magnet for individuals who lie about me in regards to WAH IB calls even tho they are recorded! I am sure I am not ready to “retire” & not be working in some way.

There is some good news in all this whining. I seem to have stopped falling so much around the house. I believe it was allergies filling the inner ear cause me to be unbalanced easy. Got a lot of major bruises and thankfully they are going away. One cut when I feel against the doorframe that should have had stitches but I couldn’t get up for awhile so I just took care of it with BandAides as soon as I could. Cellphone should have been in my pocket but I’d left it on the charger. I frightened Verdel and Jesse who stayed by my side till I seemed ok.

Praying all the details get worked out and I come out on top like a good person. I didn’t hangup on Pyne nor be as rude to him as he was to me. I hope he gets terminal dissentary because of his behavior. AND, I may send that same thought to my SPVR for passing the buck and writing me up over something SHE did.

GOD loves me …

be well


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