Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This past month as been tough.

Coping with bills and my health have really taken it out of me. I spent a couple of days in the hospital due to my neck, left leg spams, and headaches. I believe this will go into surgery soon. I hope that fixes my body. The neurosurgeon seems to be dragging his feet but said I had to have physical therapy to get my insurance to cover it… that was painful.

I may be renting my upstairs to my plumber that I’ve known for 15 years. He had me add a steel steps to get upstairs from the outside. It will take a few months to recover from that investment but they do look great and are steel so they’ll be here a long time. It’s straight stairs not the spiral I wanted. It was quite a feat paying for that!

Got my tax info to my CPA and I do hope I never hear from the IRS again except to send me refunds. Since my son submitted his own form a few years ago after telling me ok to add him to my own tax return, they’ve audited me constantly. I hate them.

My job is still here for me… after suddenly going into hospital, I wondered since so many places will term you in a flash. Not a clue what this will cost me yet. I’ve still not gotten any reimbursement from WellCare about my teeth work. It’s been 6 months now since that was done for $18K.

Had not heard from exH after calling him last week while I was in the hospital. Talked to him tonight and he said he had called me back. Too late now, I am home. His health isn’t okay, red blood cells disappearing fast and he’s going for transfusions once a week. AND, is on kidney donor list. It’s those cold drinks he guzzeled – a case a day for years. He’s diabetic also.

I’m still missing my BamBam so much. I often call Verdel, BamBam, even tho I see the difference. His health is fading fast. It will be so lonely without him to nuzzle my arm at night as he sleeps. Have him in diapers cause he can’t control his bladder now. He tolerates them well and seems to say thank you for caring. He was born in ’01 so he is getting old for a dog, but so am I for a human.

Adelaide turned 100 last month and I sent her goodies. Jean, her daughter, dropped of the napkins passed out at the Residential home where A is at now. She didn’t stay for a word since embarrassing herself with a tantrum while staying here. She kept coming into my office while I was working to talk. That’s not something my job smiles upon. Most places fire you immediately for noise. I fussed at Jean and she packed up most of her stuff and left. She’d been staying her about a month in my living room. I hope she is doing ok since finding brain cancer and lung cancer due to my asking the ER to do a MRI with contrast to find out why she was so sick so often. They’d probably never have found the cancers if not for me and I am glad I was there to help her. I’ve not heard her say thank you yet. oh well….

My strength isn’t holding up like I need it to. My days off seems to keep me in bed resting. I hope to regain my strength.

Enough whining. Off to sleep and work tomorrow.

May God watch over us and bless us.



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