Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What do you think, wait for HomeDepot’s people to do something besides freeze the account of the business, or send this letter?:

Dear Home Depot’s’s Jazlyn.Davis, I cannot get better pictures for you but I will allow you to come look for yourself. Another hand to hold a flashlight would be nice but the workers put my lamp somewhere and did not reconnect it after putting paneling on walls behind the units … maybe when my plumber comes this afternoon he can get a better picture to send to you.

The first photo is the dryer vent hose STOMPED FLAT and not connected back after they pulled both away from the wall and their platform. Both units are unbalanced and it will tear them up to use them until placed right. I have a plumber coming this afternoon to help with them. You should be paying for him.

The wall panels do not need to be cut in mid-height of the room. That looks bad, especially when the grain doesn’t match. My den is a patchwork of maybe 16 (if that many used) =$250, $15 ea panel and not near worth what I paid to have done. I have been seriously cheated by these “ministers” including them saying they are always hungry so eating my food/drinks while here. It was a simple job to begin – Now is an embarrassment.

Have someone call me that can get my money and fix this mess without it costing me more. I am being forced to find the details on my unit and report it to the police since they’re not giving it back or sending refund to me for any of the money I gave them to work as PROs. When I talk with the police, I will tell them who sent these guys. All these guys say is they’re sorry it has come to this. WHAT?? they should (especially) NOT be saying they’re ministers, then lie to a person’s face. I have serious doubts of their integrity at this point. It’s FRAUD to insist on pre-payment just after starting work then every couple of days afterwards insist on another “draw”, and that’s what they did to me. One of them kept asking questions about my possessions that were no business of his nor did it need to be discussed with him. Made me feel I was about to be robbed then sure enough, the generator/compressor vanished. It frightens me to allow anyone in here now. This is my home not to be confused with a poverty shelter where everything is given to you …

again, this contractor is:

L.Williams, Co & Services,

4208 Mesa Glen Ln.,

Dallas, TX 75233.

214.606.4631 & 214.337.2471

maybe the City of Dallas can help me collect my money at this point? They prosecute FRAUD offenders especially when it involves inflicting dishonest measures on an elderly person. These guys need to be treated harshly due to the nature of what they’ve done and claiming to be Ministers at that!

May God help me, I only wanted the new appliances installed, nonworking ones carried off, and paneling done in my den to get the room FINISHED of refurbishment. I didn’t think I needed a miracle.


Betty Bramblett


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