Sunday, September 11, 2016

argh …

We will never forget Sept 11 – my deepest cuddles go out to those suffering today (which is most of the United States) and my prayers for peace for them still persist thru the years. It impacted me emotionally and I since have begun noticing how many Muslins have tried to push their beliefs on American Citizens, me included. I do not feel that attack was a small group of disgruntled people but a real conspiracy and I resent it. Anyone with power in our government owe us for letting them come into the United States and should lose their jobs as consequence. Many of us lost our lives.

This past week, I got a Tweeter message about my son who assaulted me a couple of years ago. I am dealing with additional medical issues now over that and thru the tears a mother sheds when her babies go astray, I pray for him, but I have not attempted communication nor followed him. I cut him loose. The female who he told me was his stalker, Lori (Laurie) Ann Aarambida Castenada or whatever name she is using now, sent me a update of what he is doing. I’ve no clue why this woman had stuck herself into our lives – she could not look me in the eye when I first met her! she tried to steal my son’s truck when he’d just paid for it and she’d gotten hold of the title because it was her Uncle he bought it from (she put the title in HER name and gave him the truck as if all were fine) Then she sent him a letter demanding possession of it. WHAT???? She has been so crooked that I cannot believe she has evaded the law except she is really good at flirting. She got her husband arrested over HER speeding/run away incident. She had him arrested for arguing with her too. This is a bad news situation !! I didn’t want any part of it. BUT … she has kept up the action of coming to my house in the 2-3am time and banging on the door. Last time, she brought a couple of males with her, one sounding like her husband … all I can do is call the police, … but I own this property and that gives me rights.

On a happier note.

My dental implants look great and are feeling fine. (Still waiting for Wellcare to reimburse me as they said they would do prior to dental work) It’s been about 4 months now and my primary/dental MDs say the infection is leaving in its time. That’s how sick I was for the past 2 years. I have no clue what brought this one because I brush regularly nor did my implant doctor & all those others that my own dentist sent me to after doing deep cleanings so often the ins wouldn’t cover them. (Every 3 or 4 months) I had gotten out of dept from my divorce but this crushed that idea and here we are again, working like a Trojan to get out of dept. Expenses that were to be covered by Wellcare and they’re dragging their feet. I hear they bought out some other insurance company recently and it probably put them in a bind for their operating budget, so I, a current member, am suffering due to their problems… something isn’t right there!

My 16 yr old Brussels Griffon, Verdel, is really grieving the loss of BamBam & SueSue’s passing. BamBam had begun seizures that the Vet couldn’t control and SueSue (Verdel & BamBam’s daughter) passed a year earlier than BamBam due to heart failure. Jesse, my Rescue Terrier mix, hasn’t a clue … gotta love him. I pray Verdel is with me a lot longer. I’ve had to put him in diapers… he lets me know he loves me and that really touches my heart. Those big brown eyes show you the LOVE when you feel like the world has gone mad, letting you know he is there, no matter what. I do love my furbabies… they make this world a nicer place.

My friend, Jean, whom I’ve known since I was 12, is in trouble. BIG TIME. Her mother, Adelaide, 99 yr old, had started losing it and calling me for help. Seems their house had a lot of age damage and they were not repairing. Adelaide had a Aide staying with her when Jean wasn’t there. Adelaide smelled gas and couldn’t wake up the Aide. I got the fire dept over there since I was working and couldn’t go. Jean was in the hospital with phneumonia. All the damage caused the gals to sell the house. Adelaide is now in a Residental Home for elderly. Jean bought herself a condo from that sale but her health never got much better than when she was in the hospital for phneumonia! She went to the ER several times, saying she couldn’t breath. They did the regular tests, gave her meds, sent her home. She started asking me to take her since selling the house, she’d been staying with me instead of going on into her condo. I asked the ER to run tests with contrast and they found cancer in her lungs and brain cancer. Jean WAS scared to death that her son/dil were trying to commit her to an asylum and had told me all about it, plus he had gotten money from “the” account without asking so they could go to an amusement park. Then I found Jean asking him to go over the bank statement. Life was like a window and I was just a spectator. She hung around here, doing nothing to help keep this place clean, nor anything constructive regarding the condo. She had a lot of excuses. The thing that really upset me was, she kept coming into my office when I was trying to work. She wouldn’t stop that!! I laid down the law about it and she huffedly packed her things, gave me my house key back, and left. well, ok… I pay my bills and I am sure if I lost this job due to her interruptions, she would not cover me until I found another job. This doesn’t pay much but it is better than zero. She had given me some money for things I’d gotten for her, including parking as I took her mail or visited her, every couple of days. She was in the hospital around a week. She is to start Chemo/radiation at the same time her exH is recovering from heart surgery, again. She really wanted to go stay there but needed a real big excuse. She used me to get there. hummmm, I’ve had egg on my face before for helping someone who had different intentions in mind, and I didn’t have a clue but instead, I just trusted. NOTE TO SELF: gotta stop this habit. WEll, she’s gone now and I pray for no pain because what I saw in the MRIs/Xrays looked like she had 3-6 months. She’d tell her son/daughter, and make sure her mother was told by the VISITING NURSE, but for some strange reason, I had to pull the info out of her at the time … ??? MY life is now back to quiet, with my furbabies, who love to share meals with me and watch Law & Order untill we fall asleep. Thank GOD …

I have a guy (who installed my A/Cs that I found on sale at Home Depot) who is attempting to do the paneling in the den, finally. I must say, he installed the A/Cs, dishwasher, and disposal, quickly … so I expected the same from work in the den. NOT … 3 days to get the paneling I arranged for pickup. Said he had a shed he needed to finish doing something to but had already asked for a draw on est for den… this is a ponsi scheme and I told him so. He laughed and asked me to calm down… I simply had said you either come to work here or give me my money back. SIMPLE … 8:45pm cst, he arrived with 10 sheets of paneling (I had already given him supplies money and this cost about 1/2 of it) and said he’d be back first thing Monday morning. I can’t believe a thing this man says … he’s stood me up too many times. If he shows, I will be shocked. He’s not worried about my calling the law for some reason … May God help me, all I wanted was the paneling put up in the den. I still need to get shelving there, somehow. Book cases installed will be something I can do, I think. My plan is it coming together and having my windows clean to look out and see my small yard again, with the ivy on the fence, and the outdoor furniture in place so I can sit out there again… it used to be like an oriental garden before my son decided to make it an open mechanic shop. I’ve got his stuff (covered) stacked just like he left it and when he gets out of jail, my restraining order will have finished. His eta is 7-8 years. Maybe by then he will have learned he cannot be mean to the person supporting you nor can you hit an elderly disabled person and walk out laughing about it. He was just feeling cruel and shot up my living room as a bonus to him. I don’t feel the warmth a mother should feel … I saw hate in his eyes. He cut off immediately my car insurance and cell phone that we were on one account to save money. I cut off his health insurance I’d been paying for and stopped putting money into his account. Sounds childish when you see this in writing… and so it goes. I do miss the courteous, well behaved, loving son I raised but what I saw that night wasn’t him, he is gone.

My exH is still checking on me regular as clockwork. BUT … it is he who needs me! His health has blown up into the things I had tried to warn him about while we were married and he got mad regarding my telling him anything. He’s scheduled soon for the surgery to get him ready for kidney dialysis, just for one thing… there’s more, later, to be done. He should have listened to me and gone for those yearly checkups that would have caught anything dangerous but he wanted to bully me instead. He’s paying the price now. Sorry … I’m doing the babysitting while he has surgery. Guess I am getting old when everyone is too busy with their lives to help unless it pays them cash, which I have done to get some of my surgeries done.

Off I go to mow. I can’t believe it but I enjoy doing this and clipping bushes – all that stuff. I am so glad the backyard is bricked into that oriental garden look except for all the “stuff” stacked. I am whittling that stack to a hidden place so maybe next summer, my yard will be “my yard” and nice under the tree with lemon aide or something like that.

Be well, be happy, life is short compared to God’s plan. I believe in reincarnation! rejoice when you can 🙂


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