September 22, 2015 Tuesday

Good morning to everyone reading this.

I had the nicest trip to my nail salon a couple of days ago. They now serve wine while getting your pedi/mani done! and to my delight, a charming young lady felt like chatting in English with me. She was a local girl who had had a rough week. We talked and at the same time, rid the stress from our souls, knowing that whatever we said would melt into warm water that took away our callouses and torn cuticles, so when we walked out the door, the world only saw the beauty created which we wanted to portray, as the real US. It is the charming ultimate make-over, to enhance a lady. I really needed this!

My mind has been reeling over the doctor trips. The basic M.D. at U.T. Southwestern Medical Center wanted to check my I.Q. level to find out if I’d had a stroke so, surprise!, she sent me to the PSY Dept. I’m not so sure about these young kids today. The first one was a young man who almost talked my ear off and got really upset when I didn’t want to take more meds because I started crying upon talking about the situation with my son, all in 30 min or less. Well, heck, who wouldn’t? I finally just said no. This young man almost went through the roof over being told no. That’s enough of him. On to the next one, an older lady. She was available for an hour. After sounding normal a little more than 35 minutes, and giving me the testing, saying I passed at above normal levels, she went off into la-la land talking strange. Enough of the shrinks for me. I need to feel grounded, not associating with those who aren’t. It does disappoint me at how my son behaved and treated me. It disappoints me that he developed PTSD and I could not help him but it was his decision not to get medical attention which I made available to him. I did ask the D.A. to process him into PSY care and that is all I should do. He is 42 now. I want to live awhile longer and he did put me in danger while laughing about it. He has been breaking/tearing up my place and things for the past few years, having childish, violent tantrums. I am not going to attend unnecessary doctor trips which just use up my Social Security money that I’ve worked so hard to get, so these young doctors can learn – it’s not fair and I will voice my opinion.

I find it funny that so many can’t handle the word “NO”. Was it a child raising advise doctor who stopped us from using that word?

My prayers go out to those who need them, especially my son who I hope is getting the medical help he needs. I do love you … RosesNeedManure to flourish


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