August 14, 2015 Friday

I know it’s been awhile but a lot has been going.

In Dec, on the 13th actually, I was assaulted. By my own son actually. My 10 year old female, AKC Brussels Griffon got so upset about it, she had a heart attack and died a couple of months later. It has been a very sad ordeal, all of it. I have felt so numb in my heart that words cannot describe it.

I had my colonoscopy done last Tuesday after not eating for two days due to not being able to trade my days off at this small online job I have to help get the money for property taxes by the end of the year. I was weak but very clean inside. They found polyps and removed them. No results were given to me at the time. My behind & insides are still sore. I got sick trying to eat anything. I started with scrambled eggs…. thought I’d lose it, so I took all day just to eat two scrambled eggs. ExH drove me and dropped me off back at home, went on his way and I’ve not heard from him since. I’ve stayed bedbound ever since. Called in to work on Wednesday and the attendance line lady was very nice about it – shocked that I could not trade days and that my Coach had been MIA for almost 2 weeks. I asked her if I need to fax my medical note and she giggled saying “of course not!” I responded with OK but it is available if you need it since my Coach is so doubtful of nearly everything. I never hear anything positive out of him. I am wondering how long it will be before my insides and bottom will hurt … I am thinking of calling in today too, so I can stay horizontal again. I’ve never had such a rough procedure except when the lapband was installed.

My horoscope indicated there were a lot of things at work going on and for me take a vaca to stay out of the turmoil, think of other things. hummmmm, those things always make me giggle.

I am just concerned about the stalking that seems to have started on me now. Lori has been calling here and I got a letter from her too. I called the Detective, reporting it. I’ve also told the D.A. The local police know about her since I had to threaten their jobs if they didn’t get her off my property. She tells them “I know nothing” but advises everyone else ‘you are in America, you can do anything you want, you can’t let them push you around!” so it gets them into big trouble as she builds the drama to entertain herself. I couldn’t seem to get thru to son “STOP LISTENING TO HER AND JUST HANG UP. TELL THE POLICE! and get a restraining order” but he didn’t listen to me. Instead, his I.Q. went to 0 and he is still sitting in jail for assaulting me and breaking his R.O. by carrying a gun due to being scared of what she might do. I told the D.A. she’d driven him crazy (24 text messages and a dozen phone calls, a day) and he needed a psy ward but it is out of my hands now. He won’t/wouldn’t listen so he’ll pay the price. I’m sure he’s sorry now, but….

I pray for peace, I pray for his soul. I pray she get caught and pay for all the damage she’d done to my family. He used to be an upstanding law abiding citizen, an honorable decent person, respectful, especially to the elderly, but after meeting her and her husband, he became a totally different person. It was definitely not love, he was running from her but could not escape. He had Southern manners and ADHD as a child. BTW, he also had childhood illnesses that prevented him from ever fathering a child…. She has tried everything on him, including raping him when he worked on her car. And, yes, men can be raped, he got his gun permit not long after that.

May God help us. He is the only child of my 4 conceptions, that lived but I do not think I’ll ever feel safe again after what I saw/lived through. I raised him mostly by myself since he was 4 1/2.

I have had numerous pounding on the house in the middle of the night ever since, but knowing he’s in jail…. My house is paid in full but if this continues, I may consider moving. Going into hiding myself, just because a crazy woman cannot seem to be caught by the Dallas Police because she can convince them “She knows nothing”, because I feel she has something to do with it.

May the Lord walk with us …


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