June 19, 2015 Friday

I wish everyone a good day.

My life is getting a little better, being alone with my dogs, in the house.

I had the R.O. extended to 2 years. While in court I saw my son for the first time in a couple of weeks. He looked like a kid. He kept trying to talk to his attorney who kept saying be quiet. He fussed about something. I did hear him say “I didn’t hit her that hard!” and his eyes got real big when I made statements about someone trying to break-in in the middle of the night. Pounding on the backdoor, yelling. I had not called the Police due to knowing how long it would take them to get to my house. In just a few minutes, that person would leave. As the RO was granted, I heard him say “I’ve left her in a real mess”. Yeah … is all I could think. Tools and auto parts in the bedroom, the garage looks like a cyclone hit it, not to mention my backyard and parking area. I’d called a junk man to carry off a lot & that was supposed to be FREE but wasn’t. I can’t afford all this. I can’t afford to have him keep breaking things up either nor the medical bills he caused me due to his tantrums. I have never liked being someone’s punching bag. I’ve started cleaning up slowly. That’s all I know to do. I have a wonderful Medicare plan that has Silver Sneakers so I can go swimming but I’m too pooped to go. Son tried to claim I was mentally off as he tried to get out of this but, now I do go for counseling to cope with my only son treating me so abusively and coping with the pain levels until they heal, both emotionally and physically. I’m praying I don’t lose my breast. The ER said they did see fractured ribs and internal organ damage. How fun at 67. This scared my friend so bad she refuses to keep in now but did spend that first night with me in case he came back to do more harm. My little dog with the weak heart (SueSue) did have a heart attack and two months passed away, seemingly painless, within an hour of being seen by the Vet. Her parents & Jesse, my other dogs, are still looking for her…we were family. I had her remains cremated and lit a candle for her soul. I know I will see her again at Rainbow Bridge but the love she gave me in her almost 11 years was impressive. She was the first one to come check on me while I was on the floor after being struck. I will miss her greatly because there’s a big paw print on my heart created by a little dog now.

Last week I had a another surprise. A large, standard size grey truck stopped suddenly near my house, then burned rubber leaving. Made me look. I was outside with my dogs, otherwise I’d have paid no attention. It did look like my son with long hair and full beard. (I do know my only Uncle bailed him out of jail after he spent almost a month in there and the vehicles son has are blue or turquoise) I could hear the burning rubber for several blocks. That was the type tantrums he sometimes did. I feel like he wants me dead if he cannot run my life. How sad… he got angry a few years ago he insisted I put the house in his name, and I give up my drivers license. I refused saying there is no reason for that, I am still alive and doing fine. He was the one getting speeding tickets and under 65/not disabled, so … I’ve no clue what brought this on unless it was pressure from that gal Lori so she could move in and move me out… well, the plan didn’t work. She’s had that plan for years. She was married to the guy who was supposed to help son with tranny work on job at GISD when son got hurt there. He’d hidden, causing son to do it alone when Supvr told son to JUST GET IT DONE! I don’t understand why my son would ever consider going along with her while telling me he wasn’t seeing her nor did he want any contact from her. THAT was confusing to me. A couple of days ago, I started getting scammer calls on my cellphone. Even got one female caller saying “hey you, the one with the trash cans out front! are you losing your house?!” and then hung up. It was from a unavailable number. I always believed life got easier as you aged – I am finding that is not so. The fun surprises stop when your parents die.

I’ve been repairing that flooding den floor to keep my mind off all this. Mom n George had had some men dig an area for an inside pool but Mom came down with cancer quickly so he had it filled back in. (My George passed from pancreatic cancer before he could finish it also.) They did it wrong and ever since, when it rains really, really hard, that area fills with water. There was a nice little bathroom with a good draining area connected to the sewer line, so that is great! I had the complete area re-done, utilizing what I had to work with. Now, there is a lots of dirt & concrete plus great drainage straight into the sewer line. My den is safe and my washer/dryer is on a platform, working fine. I’ve carried the mix by buckets and swept level, slowly. I’m almost ready to place the bricks back for the finishing flooring. Then the inside walls will be ready to finish off. It will be a project all done about the time I die. LOL, I plan to live to be a 100, if I have a choice.

All this activity does make me dizzy often so I try to stay off ladders. I have put up solar lights and motion sensors for security reasons. I had a nice man put up a gate that won’t open to stop entrance to the back yard. I am creating a fortress here that doesn’t have enough room for a landing pad. LOL.

It is mine, no mortgage … this was God’s plan I be put back on earth so here I am. I hope I’m doing it right because I am trying to honor HIS word.


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