Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I am shocked at all the things that have gone on around here lately.

I had a friend and her son come help me get some of my things that had been under tarps (those items removed while the den was being rebuilt) brought back into the den. We’re trying to put it all back together. My son was sleeping in his favorite recliner in the living room. He didn’t like being disturbed but joined us. My sugar level dropped to a dangerous level and I had to lay down. While resting, he threw out three recliners not asking me about them and a couch/love seat I’d been intending to give to Salvation Army yet they refused those. The City had already been around to pick large items for the month. When the friend and son left, I asked him why he didn’t talk to me about the recliners and he went out of his mind and hit me hard in the chest knocking me to the floor. Then he broke the shove handle for the fireplace and threatened to hit me with it if I got up. He left the room for a minute and came back with a gun. The scene got worse…. it was a serious nightmare. This happened Saturday night about 10:30pm. I never was able to tell him the large item pickup had already been done for the month as he kept telling me to shut up… I think he had nervous breakdown as he kept saying he wasn’t responsible. Well, he’s in jail now, for my safety. He is 40. My only child that I raised alone since he was 4. I’ve no clue where I went wrong but obviously I’ve spoiled him rotten, but one never hits their parent …. I am bruised all over my arms where I fell and my breast, where he hit me with his fist is as big as paper dollar bill. The doctor said the ribs may be broken but the treatment is the fell against the fireplace tools and wall. Sports bra, Epson salts baths, lots of Aleve type pain meds and time to heal…. I never believed my own son would hit me…. the stress level from being harassed by GISD people have sent him over the hill. This past week, one of them had him pickup parts for his personal vehicle. He got them, dropped them off and said he’d be back to put them as the weather had him hurting really bad. The guy put them on and thanked him for being a go-fer, apparently laughin. Son came in really angry. Don’t know if he paid him or not. That really wasn’t nice of them at all….Son isn’t dirt but all this accumulated and he took it out on me. He told the detective that he “just blew up because I wouldn’t shut up” … I’d call that a nervous breakdown. I have a restraining order on him now and he’s going to sit in jail awhile. This is making me seriously dizzy.

May GOD guide me to do the best for my family as so far, life has thrown too many learning curves for me to keep up and I’ am sinking fast. I was in danger and screamed out.


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