Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finally hello again.

It’s been really hectic around here.

My best friend’s daughter has gone wild on crack. She’s over 40, never married, intestinal bypass, and nutty as a fruitcake. She is under a psychiatrist’s care but never really tells them the truth nor follows directions.  Has lost 3 jobs in 3 months doing carrier delivery or taxi type work.  How does one lose jobs like that??? You just go from point A to point B … well … she is clever enough to get canned within a month on each.  She collects Social Security Disability and started for reasons that I thought weren’t acceptable but, I’m not the one to judge.  Nita, my friend, went about hysterical when the doctor told her he’d been toldby  the daughter, admitting that she’d considered hurting Nita to get money for the crack.  The daughter was admitted for observation and dry-out but checked herself out after only 5 days.  Nita is not in good emotional shape now…. locking her bedroom door even!  Nita is a part-time school teacher aged 70+ and very hyper herself.  Did I mention a great cook?  Her son, Don, is going through re-hab himself and living in a home controlled environment to keep him clean.  What a mess!  She’s raised these two alone since they were very little and I think has done a great job considering how much she has had to work to support them.  Neither one has ever held down a full time job.  They’ve lived off Momma.  She is being forced to resign her teaching job to collect her retirement/savings at this point due to the hot checks the daughter has done.  Daughter, Pat, has also been in some auto accidents in Nita’s car, and convinced the insurance company to issue the checks in HER name.  Pat cashed them and bought drugs instead of repairing the car.  Bummer.  Nita has not reported this to the insurance company because they’d given her such a rough time when she changed banks trying to stop Pat from stealing blank checks and forging her name.  Real soap opera going on her but life happens.  I feel so sorry for Nita because this is a nice lady and doesn’t deserve this mess.  Kids can kill you…..hers are trying. btw, Pat’s boyfriend, met about a year ago, is the one who got her into the serious addiction of crack. She’d been doing drugs on/off prior and is mentally backward, is what Nita said, but this guy also furnished her with sex, so she got hooked real bad.  Nita is scared now.  I’ve recommended she call the Police due to that admittance of hurting her to get any money – it’s been in her mind for awhile.  That alone is dangerous.

As far as my own situation goes,1)  I’ve filed the Demand for Payment to the electrician who didn’t do the work and insisted upon a prepayment of $1400 when my den was being built.  As that contractor walked off, mid work, the electrician refused to come back, keeping my money.  2) Also, when my dog was poked with a stick through my fence by a 9 year neighborhood girl, I’ve filed a Demand for Payment on medical bills from her parents.  I think they’re laughing at me about it.  They showed up in front of my house about 4 days after the incident with a group, yelling for me to come out.  I called the Police, again.  They didn’t even write it up, again.  This is Dallas Police.  When you really need something written up, it doesn’t happen…. I am so upset with them! Now these neighbors just stare at me except yesterday, she was driving ~25mph down the street with the kids on the outside of the SVU again.  Some day, they’ll fall off and really be hurt.  I think this is Child Endangerment but she doesn’t.  She has 4 so she has plenty I guess.  The damages to date on my dog come to $4500 and will go up when the next eye surgery happens.  3) Another situation: a tornado rain/wind hit Dallas last Thursday, October 2, 2014, taking my roof, breaking a tree making it crash into my shed, breaking windows in my garage, and Cory, another neighbor had tied his decrepid wooden fence to my chain link, so it really messed up my fence too with the 70mph winds and rain.  My upstairs now has ceiling damage that leaked all the way to the first floor.  What a mess.  It took my shingles all over the neighborhood.  I could not see 20ft out the door.  Power went out for almost 3 days.  Cellphones didn’t work.  The entire neighborhood was terrorized.  Kids were playing in the street while emergency vehicles were trying to get through.  My son accidentally found a Home Restoration business who came to talk to me and they have some good connections with an attorney.  Allstate faxed a letter saying they were increasing my insurance costs by $4000 after seeing my damages.   I talked with the attorney when Allstate denied everything except to patch the roof.  He said not to worry, he’ll get me fully covered and I won’t owe him nor my deductible.  Almost sounds too good to believe.  His succeed rate is 400-0.  I signed up. I am tired of Allstate lying to me and denying claims they should be covering then going up on my insurance.  I’ve been with them since I was about 18.

I’ve still got to do the Demand for Payment for the fence repair and to that contractor for what his crew broke while they were taking off my den, ie, sewer cleanout/gutter cleanout.  They actually broke them off at the ground level , filled them in with dirt to cover it up and told me there was never anything there!  The nearly tore off the electric box door.  They destroyed a chain link gate and small entry way that I used to fence off the side yard.  I am missing a large TV AND he took the new electric rotary hand saw also.  I called the Police and reported the saw as stolen, giving them all the info, including his name/address, but I’ve not heard a word back.  I tried to contact a Dallas Morning News reporter who, apparently got bent out of shape for some reason, sent the Police to  see me as a stalker, so that didn’t help…. I stopped buying the newspaper, sent an email to the Editor about this reporter and almost immediately got a response, a job offer… I must check to see what phase the moon is in because there’s too many people acting strange.  There’s a time limit on these things I believe. I do understand why so many farmers used the the Almanac now.  If you want something done, look at the phases of the moon.  OK, OK …

My son has been in a pretty good mood lately until he found out how much the current contractor was charging me.  This guy really did “stick it to me” and the older brother knew it.  No wonder they don’t have much business. I had Nita’s son coming, I paid him directly and this contractor charged me for the work he did.  I argued but it didn’t do any good, so the room isn’t finished inside and they’re not coming back, but the room won’t move in high winds.  I’m an old woman but Don & I are going to attempt to do inside paneling.  I don’t know about the ceiling but est of $2700 just seemed like over-kill after demanding $4K+ for 2 wks elec(+ light plumbing which I’d said NOT to do.) and the younger brother was usually the only one who came besides Don.  They smelled like street people & I found them in the Green Sheet, who didn’t recommend them, saying they ‘d become VERY expensive if the job was very large.  After seeing some of their work, I thought it might work.  They got greedy and prices kept going up. They would give me invoices to pay and just kept working on my den – it isn’t finished yet. I don’t have a lien on my house and don’t want to start now – the younger brother is the type who would start that such stuff if not going along with him.  They are both over 65.  He kept saying he was not paying Don but  was in fact, just keeping money from his work.  How crooked.

I’m going to make comfort food today.  It’s chilly temperatures and sweater weather..  Perfect for home made potato soup and big fuzzy shoes.  God loves me, that I can believe and trust in.

Be well, be blessed.


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