June 28, 2014 Saturday

Nita and I went to Home Depot and got more tomato plants, Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry and whatever else hit our fancy – Like the cages to hold ’em upright.  It was sweltering hot in there.  I dug holes and she held the cage – she’s such a help.  I am thankful she’s bored.

The Two Brothers Contractors, guys built me a new gate, painted it, hung it, re-did the gutter at the front, and will be back on Monday to check on the roof leak in the front bathroom… The windows for the den are due in July 4…. the others were made wrong n my guys knew the difference.  No more broken fingers for me!  That’s what happened to one window for the living room – it was made wrong and that crew installed it anyway, David broke it shoving it open, kept his mouth closed, I went to open it and it slammed down on my hands.  Almost cut my finger off and did break one, making it also need nearly 2 dozen stitches while he said “I’m tired n going to bed, I have to work early tomorrow” and son took me to ER.  May that man enjoy his terminal amebic dissentary and eye injections and all the other health issues he tried to tell me about … it just confirms I did my spell right.

The house is coming right along in upgrading.

I sent Cory, my neighbor, his letter about tearing up my chain link fence and that if he didn’t pay for fixing mine, we’d be meeting in court.

I’m still blocked at Westathome.com without any known reason.  If its still there next week, I’m filing for UE.  They’ve given me no excuse cause neither gal DR PAL or Specialist really knew what was going on.  I think they made a mistake due to that WOJ training booking hours, and I booked DR hours after that 30 min block.  I think they got their panties in a twist over booking blocks so they erased ALL my time…. what an error – NOT MINE, theirs, but it’s coming outta my pocket.

I’ve been following up on my Herbalife contacts hoping to make some sales.  It’s working for me so God has HIS plan in gear, thank the LORD, we’ll keep the power on.

I’d had lots of time to pray extra for some of our members who’ve gone thru serious faith tests.  He does send us learning curves that are real bummers but afterwards we can look back n say chit, I’m glad that’s over but look at what I got outta of it…. really!  it takes time to get to that point, but honestly, you will achieve more than you realize, at a point in your future after HE’s decided to turn on the light.  I’m still looking for that darned light string in some of my situations – I pray yours don’t take as long as mine.  I put a bell on mine to help me so I can slap it to make me feel better, guess what?  it did!! I whopped the crap outta it … like a punching bag … I didn’t cheat, I learned to make-do with what I had !  I believe I gave GOD a giggle so maybe my next learning curve won’t be so long … I believe HE likes to giggle, just looking at us should do that.

Well, off I go to hug my furbabies.  Caught Jesse tasting the grape tomatoes so … and son spraying at a huge hive of something big flying around that had stingers, at the front door.  I knew I had something diving me so I hung a electric bug zapper out there n got a few.

Be well, be blessed, we are loved!


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