June 26, 2014 Thursday

Good Morning,


Today I go to find out what is the matter with my bladder/kidneys.  I’ve passed stones n blood for over a month.  Very painful.  It’s been 40 years since I went thru this and that’s not long enough for me!  My muscles won’t hold my water now.  It’s as if I’m suddenly VERY OLD and falling apart.  Off to the doctor for a very close look, inside and out.  I’ve been told the plan is to run a camera all the way to my stomach.  This isn’t going to leave a scar today, but I  am told it will hurt since I am considered petite…

On another exciting front – Westathome.com the company I have been working part-time for for 8 years or so has decided to panic and block me from working till they review a call of mine.  Never a warning but it is in the midst of telling most of us about a “TRAINING LINE called WOJ” that we are required to do for one 30 min shift and if we don’t, we are terminated.  Then it states, we will be terminated and if we pass this “test” we will be rehired within 24-48 hours….  well…. I went looking for hours to book for my regular line “DR” and found my lines all showing “temporarily blocked” and to call … so I did.  Then I was told I would receive an email to call a Specialist to talk about a call.  I called them, who told me it wasn’t needed to call them and why did I?  totally confused by now.  They’re laughing and I’m feeling lower than a snake’s belly, fretting over the only little job I have that helps pay the bills around here.  I almost started rattling n crying, losing my cool demeanor.  Got no real answers – just told to wait for THE EMAIL … I hope I still have this job because I’ve been with them for eight years and received a lot of customer commendations for service.  It only pays min wage but that’s better than nothing.  It’s a big organization but acts petty often … it you can overlook that, it’s reliable income and the checks don’t bounce.  I’ve been IB only all this time.


Well, my bff just arrived so off we go for my urology procedure.  I already took my pain pill in preparation and am taking the bottle with me, just in case.  I hope we find out what caused this and can fix it….



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June 26, 2014

Daily Feng Shui

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If you want to provide some peace between you and someone who you’ve scuffled with, then today’s ‘Forgiveness Day’ energies give you a perfect opportunity to do exactly that. One powerful Feng Shui way to forgive someone is to write their name on a piece of white paper with green ink. Fold the paper and put it inside any lidded receptacle that can be tightly sealed. Cover the paper with honey and seal the jar. Then, every night for nine consecutive nights and at approximately the same time, you will light a small white candle close to the jar and spend a minute or two sending healing and positive thoughts to the person whose name is inside of it. After the ninth night allow the candle to burn completely out. Once it cools put everything inside of a brown paper bag and dispose of it outside of your living space. Don’t be surprised if you hear from that same person somewhere inside of a few days. All will be well.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord shine HIS face upon you, both now and always.




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