June 24, 2014 Tuesday

“On this ‘International Fairy Day’ I’d like to share some legendary ways to
attract the wee ones into your life. Ages-old lore says that on these days of
the Summer Solstice you should put some food and drink (preferably alcoholic) at
the base of a tree or on a window ledge so you can make friends with the fairy
folk. They will then help to keep the magic alive in every aspect of your life.”

Let us all celebrate today!!

The first thing I remembered about My George was his insistence that Fairies exist. We were riding in his white Corvette with the top down & he was telling me the little red light on the dash was a fairy visiting us & I told Mom “this guy is crazy as a loon” … but after awhile it dawned on me what he was trying to do – he was working hard at letting me be a kid for a change. I cried because I’d been so rough on him. The day came that I could apologize too. We became best friends and 47 years later I was devastated to lose him to cancer. I know I’ll see my silly friend again who taught me to laugh at hardships and believe Fairies exist, if you let them into your life …. he took time to look into my eyes and saw a very old woman, yet only 5 of human years and knew I needed help to survive…

Semper Fi


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