May 11, 2014 Mother’s Day Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day to all those out there!

As you know, I am a mother of one human and furmommie of four precious dogs who’ve become family to me.

Today is a day of work, almost like any other day.  My human son is trying to put a roof on the den which was taken down by a group of clowns who also tore out a small bathroom, destroying the sewer line connected to it…. filling the sewer with concrete/dirt but connecting a waterline to that place.  I have no clue what they were thinking but I’d given them instructions and was told not to worry, they’d do a great job and I could stay inside and not worry.  Well, they lied.  They demanded more money to cover their errors and that’s when I started looking.  I put my foot down and they walked out on me.  The room is a skeleton with a particle board roof at this point.  They’d brought in an electrician who charged a lot and that made me miserable but he keeps coming every few days to check on progress.  He was their friend.  hummmm, seems thiefs work together.  The crew mgr had me purchase a new Skillsaw saying it was needed and I should just take the amt out of the final payment…. I told him that didn’t seem right but he insisted he needed it right now.  SO, I am out a bundle of money and almost for nothing.  They left 7,500K lbs of debris for us to clean up besides this skeleton … two trailor loads of metal to haul off too.  May I say at this point how much I HATE THIS GUY?  He had been highly recommended … but now, I doubt that guy too.  I had gotten 3 bids and this one was $1K lower than the others so it was inline…. I am in deep %$^&.  I am guessing my son & I will be doing some construction work even though we are both not in good physical shape.  I have found Two Brothers who are elderly but honest and will help.  They work part time but do treat me like a lady and are honest.  The debris is gone … the fussy neighbor is peeking thru their hedges to know what is happening as she yells out “she better not be cutting my trees/bushes again!!”  I wish I could do something about them but God forbid, she’ll send me another attorney letter threatening court if I cut anything of theirs coming OVER MY FENCE like before.  City says I can, her attorney says I can’t.  I forwarded that to the City as he works for the City on a contract basis as an architect and I asked they term him for harassing his neighbors….  The neighbor on the other side has a wooden fence literally falling down.  He talked my son into tying onto my chain link and now that’s in trouble of falling over … when it rains, it pours.  I called the man scheduled to do his repairs to come look and get him to pay for my repairs due to this and he almost went into shock at the damage he’s caused me.  He will definitely get a City Code Violation if I call Code on him…. I’m not trying to cause trouble but I am sure tired of others creating damage to my place and then I get the bill.  My poor furbabies are so confused about all the mess they don’t know where to squat!  Come to think of it, neither do I at this point.  I scheduled a doctor appointment for me just because of all this stress.  I hope I get tranquilizers!  I think the world is going crazy and I want my little space nice, and quiet.  All this damage has devalued here by $72K but Allstate just increased their cost to insure so it is now $1500 for 6 months!  They don’t cover much but they’re sure proud of themselves.  I’ve been looking around…. I’m too old for all this crap.

The lady I thought was my friend and is 97 just told me not to call her, she’d call me.  She’d called us early, saying HELP.  I was working so son went running, only to find neighbor helping her daughter who’d fallen off the toilet in a seizure.  A ER trip for sure.  Adelaide refused to answer the phone the rest of the day but finally did.  Rude to me so hell with that…. I work weird times … little bit of online work and cannot just drop it and talk … it helps pay for my meds.  She only calls when she wants me to do something for her anyway, like take her to the grocery store, beauty shop, etc.  She’s been doing that for years.  No real thank you.  I don’t owe her.  I went to school with her daughter and she hid at my house to avoid the girl until she got a divorce and moved back home to live with her.  She has 2 grandchildren and many great grandkids to help her.  She enjoys being a bit of a bully, so does her daughter.  Only thing I finally heard was from my son saying she is planning to get daughter into a nursing home.  Oh boy, that’s going to go over like a lead balloon.  During one of the many seizures, she broke a disk in her back.  Well, a nursing home isn’t right, I had more than one broken, including my neck in my MVA in 2000 and survived on my own.  Just lots of dr trips n such… it isn’t easy and I walk funny now.  A T.E.N.S unit is my best pain control.  I cried a lot over her snide remarks and rude dismissal since I’ve catered to her for so many years, but I don’t need nasty …

My tomatoes & bell peppers survived the tornado well.  The rain showed me places that now need rubber filler so ….

I hope mothers do have a nice day …. May the road rise to greet you and the sun be gentle on your back.


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