May 8, 2014 Thursday

GOOOOOOOD Morning world, it’s me again,

I’m working on my first pot of coffee with bleeding fingers – but I sure have sold a lot of flowers. Just a few days left for this season. Have found the Bar-be-que grill and have 2″ thick T-bones I plan to grill to celebrate, as soon as we can, in the midst of all that is still covered up in the yard. It’s a work in progress but is getting back into place, just slower than what I’d hoped. The Two Brothers are elderly, God fearing men and I’m thankful for finding them…. they work hard, and you can see they’ve done GOOD when they leave. They like praises too. Seems Armondo, from the Coello Group, tore out the sewer line for my back bathroom and filled the cleanout with dirt – I’m not sure what I am going to do to correct that. Maybe that’s why he was demanding more money – to get a plumber out? there’s concrete over where the toilet was sitting, with a faucet handle next to it. I’m confused …At least the main sewer line still works just fine – I just paid an arm n leg to replace that recently, under the concrete slab in the den floor.  I plan to get the City to carry off his wheel barrel with the flat tire that he left in my front yard, filled with dirt n debris this week when they come around. I can’t move it. I’ve not heard back about retrieving my new Skill elec hand saw n things yet – I believe he thinks he earned it to keep. Isn’t scammer spelled correctly? I did send an email to the ppl who recommended him and asked they use their clout to recover my things and possibly some of my money as this was overkill as to what he’d done compared to the damages he’d caused. The response I got was “have you worked it out with him yet?” I sent back “he refuses my texts and won’t talk about it, just that he won’t work for me anymore unless I pay him more” which is stupid to tear up a place and want ME to pay for his errors/damage. I regret giving him fruitcake….and trying to work online while he worked on my house – he needed a babysitter while on my property. He even ripped off shingles AND the metal roofing on the den. OMG, what a big help I need to get this place back into shape and guess what, Allstate went up on my insurance while the City of Dallas devalued it by $70K.. Cory’s fence is pulling my chain link over and Allstate wants to increase my premiums. How fair is this? $155/mo and they don’t cover the den or the fence…. This den was supposed to be so simple and done within a month. Two Brothers tell me the Electrician shouldn’t have charged me over $800 for the entire re-wiring of the room but he attempted #2500 and I walked away, so he lowered that to $2K which I still said was way too much.  He comes by every few days and just walks into the back yard to see if progress has been made.  He’s collected $600 & $800 for supplies and his time, he says, out of the $2K and says he can finish when the walls are up.  Two Brothers say he’s put maybe $300 into it … I gave him a roll of new 220 wiring. The beams are going to have to be modified to accommodate my A/C units like I told Armondo who removed them in the first place & the beams are much too close to the pecan tree!!.  No one wrote notes.  They just tore out and plied in the yard, both front and back.  My place looked like a bomb had hit.  Pictures fell off the walls inside … wires were cut on everything….they didn’t label anything.  This compared to a Freddie Krueger attacking a house … and he had recommendations of being safe, good, talented, reliable from an employee of the City of Dallas. I’ve been sweeping chit till I am allergy sick n vomiting – this is work that original crew was supposed to. BULL CHIT ….  Valium time …

I pray fairy dust be sprinkled here cause I need a miracle. I’ll share with you! now will someone go kick ‘er in the arse and get it going? I’m burning daylight … I need enough money to fix this mess and not totally drain my IRA because due to ID theft, my credit has gone down the drain, I just found out.  exH’s group took advange of me even while being told to stop.  No one gives a rat’s patootie anymore of what is honest or not.  Contesting causes you lots of time and paperwork while they want YOUR DL, Birth cert, and more, well, that is just enough to start doing a ID theft again….In stead of repairing yours.  THEN we have the collection bureaus who buy written off debts and act like they’re alive … someone needs to do something about them – as in CONGRESS.  STOP this from happening, it is illegal but they so enjoy scaring the he!! out of the elderly that they’ll come take anything to recover their expenses when it is them who ran up the costs…. they are just crooked scammer.  Before I married this last time, my credit score was A++.  I cannot describe the number of tears I’ve shed.


I thought the 97 yo I’d known since I was 12 was my best friend. She’d often stayed at my apt to hide from bill collectors n her daughter, so she’d have some peace.  I found out different recently.  Her 66 yo daughter has been going thru multiple seizures and Adelaide called us asking for help.  She has the 66 daughter living with her and has fussed many times about how she drives her nuts. Jean, the daughter, has been a wild child since young, has a couple of grown kids with grown kids.  Why call us? My son ran over there. She had called my but I was working and the phone was busy so it pissed her off. I called as soon as I could and that angered her when I finally got her to answer the phone. I was told NOT to call, she’d call me.  She’s always called to ask me to do errands for them, fix her hair, etc.  I’m the errand gal.  If anything happened to me, she didn’t know nor care.  Once I stopped by without calling n she slammed the door in my face, so…. I think I am tired of this treatment as I am a product of God too and don’t deserve being a doormat.  I’ve been sending lotion packages etc just to sometimes receive a brief thank you note.  This isn’t balancing out.  I don’t think friends are real friends who use each other like this.  OK, so now, I guess I am alone.  Just furbabies and a car.  My son stays too busy.  I’m 66 and older than her adopted daughter, been in MVAs that disabled me but I’ve not gotten any calls to say “hope you feel better” etc.  I think it’s time to slam the door.  I’ve treated her to lunch a few times, grocery shopping, picked up meds for them, etc, God don’t make no trash – I’ve run out of cheeks.  Her house has a bedroom breaking off and needs foundation work done, so I’m told.  I know Jean can be a cruel beetch but so can Adelaide.  Jean was at the Texas Neurology Associate having MRI work done when I finally got Adelaide on the phone. Jean’s son took her, I think.  Nice change from asking us.  She supposedly has a broken disk in her back plus all those seizures that had been under control.  Adelaide is saying she needs to be placed into a nursing home at this point.  hummm, I’m ready to wash my hands of both of them when she started talking about how badly the house looked.  Last time she talked like that she had me paint for her – no money involved, just lunch.


I think it is “ME” time … she’s obviously been a “taker” for years and I just followed along, wanting a friend so badly. 


I’ve survived a lot of surgeries due to the MVA and even further back in history, getting violently raped (at Gaston Episcopal) after a urinary fix at a hospital where Adelaide worked.  They refused to call the Police, saying it was just the anesthesia, but all the bloody mess and vaginal tearing said different.  I was single and went in without anyone except Adelaide as a friend.  It took a long time to recover from that surgery.  It was traumatic…


I have had my learning curves, I pray GOD is happy with my scores.


Have a good day


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