May 6, 2014 Tuesday

Good Morning world – it’s me again.


Much to my amazement, yesterday I finally got Adelaide on the phone, just to be fussed at that I was driving her crazy with all the messages I’d left… about 6 in one day and she’d been home all day doing fine, didn’t return ONE call to let me know all was ok.  hummmmm – I feel like a dishrag.  This is the woman I’ve been friends with since I was 12 and went to school with her lying/cheating daughter who has just had a bunch of seizures n broke a disk in her back THEN fell off the toilet so Adelaide called us for help…when she has grandkids whom she’d wanted aborted, and they have grown kids.  I have heard her fuss at me for not remembering her birthday yet never has she remembered mine and I asked her about that, do friends really need to remember those things? or be there when you are crying? she hushed… Since George died in ’99, I’ve seen her about a dozen times, maybe.  That was when she called to ask me to do something for her, grocery trip, fix her hair, take Jean to the dentist, etc. For years, Jean was know to be an active prostitute and bragged about doing all kinds of drugs – she’d laugh at me being so straight. Everywhere I worked, we had drug tests and it mattered that I stay straight.  I’ve sent lotion packages as gifts and son has done some tree trimming n such plus they have only one car now since Jean kept wrecking ’em.  They got sued a lot over Jean’s driving. Adelaide was pissed off about Jean refusing to try to get her SSD due to her epilepsy and living off her too.  Jean refused to do any job that made money, only volunteer work so she kept up her status look.  I’ve been the “working Joe” and they never checked on me nor offered to do anything for me. I’ve had a lot of surgeries since that disabling MVA in 2000, now the veins in my neck are trying to close and I’m trying to keep away from surgery. I’m feeling sorry for myself and my son told me to shut up the pity party and stop making a mountain out of an ant hill.  I’ll watch from heaven when he has this happen to him and let’s see how pissed off he gets….

I’m still coping with finding things missing from my backroom – like the drainage for the toilet, the basin, the hole in the ground, the cleanout is filled with dirt that connects to the main sewer line….  My choice now is either get a plumber to wash it out and replace what is broken or leave it alone and forget that bathroom.  These men said they spoke English … when I get around to doing a review on BBB, it won’t be nice.  Everyone I’ve talked to so far has almost fainted at what I paid so far to have this room redone and saw what mess they left me while demanding more money.  Wendel who highly recommended The Coello Group & sent them, keeps asking if I worked things out with him…. I don’t speak Spanish or crooked lies to cheat old ladies outta money.  The two guys I found in the The Green Sheet are still cleaning up construction debris … it’s over 7,500 now.  I can’t find my weed eaters that were leaning against the garage nor the Skill saw he had me buy saying he just had to have it to finish my job!  I sent Wendel a text asking him to recover it since Armondo is his neighbor.  If I pay for something, it is mine, right?  it’s just not been working out that way in the past few years …. something is terribly wrong.  I’ve notified Police in the past yet they’ve NEVER recovered a thing, it was always me who found it with a lot of work. 


I called that fence fella from down the street who is going to work on Cory’s wood fence.  It is falling down. Cory talked son into tying onto my chain link.  Now, guess whose fence is also falling over?  I had Mr Morgan look and he was shocked at the mess and agreed that if the ropes are cut, that wood fence will fall on Cory’s house.  Guess I’m going to have to repair MY FENCE too.  This is the same neighbor whose sick tree fell on my house a few years ago and he claimed he didn’t have ins so he claimed NO LIABILITY and paid nothing in my damages. His wife went crazy but got the two boys anyway and he baby sits them. He’s not my favorite neighbor.  The other side threatens to sue in writing if I cut bushes of hers coming over the fence into my yard.  Anyone want some really beetches ? This guy works for the City of Dallas as an IC Architect and she is online degreed Counselor of some kind, so she sits and looks out the window a lot.  When she had a tree cut while he wasn’t home, it fell on our garage n damaged it, of course she said it didn’t and claimed NO LIABILITY so… there’s more damage I AM SUPPOSED to just suck-it-up.  I am going to reach a level they are not going to appreciate…. I wrote to the City about them and they called Code Compliance to their house, having them take pictures from their back yard of a small squirrel hole eating it’s way into my attic and CC sited me over that.  NO WARNING, just a citation.  He uses his connections like that….it was winter.  This is the same CC gal who stickered our cars behind a wood fence the summer before saying she’d be back – that was on 09/11.  We got broken into and robbed a few days later. Radios and more just ripped out of our vehicles.  Of course, the Police took our report but never caught them even though there was a blood trail.  This is no longer an area to grow old in because these older yuppies won’t leave you alone to putter in your yard quietly or enjoy life – they have to keep things stirred up.  CC had come because of weeds coming over the fence from the tree/squirrel/peeping gal.  CC stood there patting her foot, ORDERING me to pull them out while she waited.  I am a disabled senior citizen.  I sent a letter to the City about it saying my taxes pay her and I want her terminated immediately with great prejudice.


I have a doctor appointment next week for my nerves – this is ridiculous. 


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