May 4, 2014 Sunday

Good Morning world,

I did sell quite a few flowers yesterday and one caller told me to shove that s/h where the sun won’t shine – , it was all I could do to NOT laugh in his face.  I’ve heard that line in so many way, mixed with vulgarity.  The system is still not up to par but I was doing my best – I’m ready to shoot that damned blinking light telling us to be on time and get ready for our shifts immediately – whoever is sending those messages must have ulcers or something.  Obviously, they don’t understand the system isn’t up to par.  I finally told the PALs it’s giving me a migraine and posted some of my hours – they giggled.  Maybe it got HIM a PIN for a change.  This company is very large but acts so tiny …

Afterwards, I got out in the yard with dark sunglasses n spread RED MULCH in my flowerbeds.  WOW, that makes them so pretty and my tomatoes, peppers, squash, etc, really show up!  The neighbor on my side bellowed out to her house guy (spouse?) “did she cut my trees/bushes???”, he “no honey, she didn’t, its all the same,  still hanging over the fence, and she put up a sign saying PRIVATE PROPERTY. Do you want me to take it down?”  The other neighbor came to my door day before yesterday to tell me he had someone coming to work on his falling down fence – duh?  it’s not my fence yet he has caused damage there too by talking son into connecting to ours to help hold his up.  Wonder if he’s planning on repairing that?  His concern was I had lattice sheets leaning on my fence.  I simply asked him WHY are you telling me this?  he stuttered and didn’t really give me a clear answer except that he’d been talking to my son.  My thoughts were “so?”  This is the neighbor (Cory) whose tree fell on my house several years ago after I warned him it was going to happen, then he refused to cover the damages.  Claimed NO FAULT.  He is not in my “ok people” list.  After he left, I looked up the number for Adult Abuse – I may need to call them to report these crazies running around cause I’d rather not shoot them for trespassing, which, btw, I did put a sign saying PRIVATE PROPERTY and will add one in the back. 

I’m thinking of bricking in the den, once the framework is strong enough.  Maybe I’ll have quiet back there.  With the Two Brothers working so hard, carrying off 7K lbs of construction debris,  it’s a lot cleaner but there’s still a lot to do.  Seems Armondo n his crew may have poured concrete in the toilet drain so I’m not sure what changes I am going to have to do…. I’ve called another roofer to finish the roofing.  Wendel, who works for the City of Dallas and does handyman work on the side, is the one who sent him to me, is coming in the next week or so to do what he can to help.  He’s in shock.  Armondo had me buy him a new Skillman elec handsaw so I asked Wendel to bring it back, if I paid for it as needed for this job – I OWN IT.  That’s part of the $9,265 paid to him …. and this job isn’t half done. The total was only to be $13,500 to be finished within a month!  Breach of Contract if I have legal issues – Armondo gave me a contract…..if I need it.  The electrician keeps coming by to see if any progress has been made.  He’s been paid more than half and Two Brothers say he overcharged me too.  BTW, he gave me a wrong number too but he showed me his license.  I think he too is scared of this old lady.  I googled him.  He’s 70 and doing this to supplement his SS.  He wanted to know if Armondo cleaned up and I said no, I found someone who will work without asking for money every few days.  His eyes got real big and he became VERY quiet..

I am going to make progress.  I’m too determined not to … my furbabies are depending on me.  My son has stopped laughing as he has seen anger in my eyes.

Adelaide called me yesterday to say Jean had had a bunch of seizures and they needed help.  (Jean has two grown children with grown children) Son went running over there. She’d fallen off the toilet (after spending the evening/night at the ER) and was on the floor, Adelaide was beside herself.  I tried to call several times after I got off work.  Meds were given & all apparently were asleep.  I hope all is ok by today.  I will check on them later or maybe just drive over there. Adelaide has never liked someone to just pop-in. They were never good about checking on me, said they were scared of David, but Adelaide did call me occasionally.  The fact is, they’ve been more open to receiving gifts & using me as a taxi, than anything over the past few years.  May GOD change my attitude, they are the last few people of my past that are still alive.  I’ve become a hermit among nasty idiots.  They don’t go to church so finding a sitter isn’t feasible. 

My friends are online…. I’m even getting a following on my blog, how nice.


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