May 4, 2014 Sunday

I just finished my workday.

Son went by to check on Adelaide & Jean. Adelaide is doing fine, Jean can’t get out of bed and is refusing food/fluids. This is not a good sign. She’s always been a head-strong type so there’s no way to push the idea about how important the fluids are. She’ll end up in hospital soon, I am sure. She’s leaning hard on the pain meds cause it hurts so bad. I remember well but I drank a lot of water at the time and bought my Distributorship for Herbalife at that time too. Drank a lot of shakes! Lost about 50lbs over 6 months without moving around much. I had a few cracked disks and a broken neck that doctors refused to acknowledge till much later, almost too late. It wouldn’t hurt her to do what I did but … it’s her choice. She’s always thought I was just stupid. We’ll see. I survived thru sheer willpower and the grace of God. Son was shocked to see her BIG and sick looking while Adelaide looked fine but elderly. She’s 97 now. Adelaide has a nurse come in for herself 3 or 4 times a week. Jean’s Neuro will be back in the office on Monday so … I’ll offer to take her but this is scary since she isn’t wearing a brace! She needs a housecall !! a wrong move and she could be paralyzed – I am sure. This is from the stupid one … when she hits the floor and can’t move, she’ll change her tune and it will be too late to say I’m sorry I was wrong. I cannot lift her nor can son. She refuses an ambulance. She’d rather lay on the bathroom floor. What a mess, enough to scare Adelaide into a heart attack!

I am past shocked that the ER didn’t check her in nor did they give her a backbrace to stabilize her.  Where she got the pain RX, I’ve no clue (dentist or ER) but I am sure it can’t be many, so … she’ll need her Neuro quickly or maybe the reg doctor she sees.

May God help us all !!


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