April 29, 2014 Tuesday

Good Morning,

Btw, did I mention that years ago when I had trouble with jobs, credit, and life in general was when we found out that my mother had breast cancer?  Almost all her brothers & sisters had passed, only two were left alive out of eight, most of them passed from heart related issues and they’d passed one by one, every six months.  I’d been in two major car accidents, six months apart.  I was sitting still, and slammed from behind, both in Dallas City Limits.  All this happened in the late 80s and very early 90s.  My stepfather who’d been in my life 47 years as my best friend, passed from pancreatic cancer in ’99.  My own biological father went totally insane but was condoned by the Wood County JP and allowed to move my mobile home while I was at work, in the 90s, just because he wanted to. He didn’t know about Mom’s condition because they never spoke.  I had no legal grounds since it was “Daddy” according to Cindy Weems but the State of Texas sent a Judge to talk with me who said different. He’d verbally given me a couple of acres of land to live on.  Ms Weems was put on 2 weeks probation and that was supposed to make me happy.  She is still JP in Wood County and I was able to move away.  That did not feel like justice to me… it cause irrepairable damage, I never respected the law as I had prior … The Presbyterian Church even asked me to stop coming there when the found I had slept on the floor of the church to stay warm till I could get my utilities back on cause it was the worst winter in Texas in years. … I never forgave any of them either.  My son never forgave me for letting it happen.  He was 17 years old and the only grandson.  I was the only daughter of this man.  I have not been back since he tried to get me into the car “to talk” after doing this horrible deed.  I told him to “go eat shit and die” – my heart was in it too.  His sisters died of cancer and so did his wife, horrible deaths.  He is totally blind now and needs a caretaker.  His two sons have sent/called here, asking for help to care for him.  I gave them the same message …. they should have had some foresight.

God didn’t put me on earth to enjoy pain so I don’t invite it into my life.  The car accident I was in in Mar 17, 2000, again I was sitting still.  A man slammed into my car while I sat there watching it happen.  It broke a lot of things in me, some of it was my spirit.  I met God that day.  I am colder in many ways but more tolerant in others.  I know where I am going when this body is finished and it doesn’t bother me that there’s no family to hug me anymore.  They made their choices to live their life while here, so have I.  I have 4 lovely furbabies who show undying love so what else could a human want except for the roses to bloom?  I talk to God and say thank you often. I don’t bother anyone. I try to pay my bills and not owe anyone if I can help it.(the MVAs put me in horrible debts but I have tried to pay them off as best as I could.  Having my identity stolen is not something I found entertaining) I stay close to the TEN COMMANDMENTS and don’t care if there’s a church who likes me or not. (that one really hurt my feelings)  I practice STAND MY GROUND and take pride in my place, display my FLAG daily.  I am proud to be an AMERICAN.  My heros have been Annie Oakley and Audie Murphy.


I’m going to publish this book some day to help someone else.


May the road rise to greet you.  May the sun always be smiling, upon your back. 

May your roses bloom, to cover your furbabies’ farts …

Be happy and take life ONE DAY AT A TIME,


GOD loves us!


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