April 27, 2014 Sunday

Good morning,

Today I am shocked to have made it through the week.

I applied for a part time online job and flunked a credit check that I had to pay $65 for that!  No refunds to find out that a bunch of people have hacked me over the years.  My exH’s first wife, whom I’ve argued about this for the entire time I was married to him and then his youngest son too.  The exH just shook his head and spent most of our married time being sure it was all in my head until he found she’d gotten his US Savings Bond worth several thousand dollars and he didn’t even know he was still buying them!  She had his oldest son forging his name to cash them in by sending them to a PO Box.  I reported it and they were going to be replaced and I thought he’d have a heart attack when I told him as he became so angry I’d tattled… he cancelled the replacement.  I’ve no clue what he did at that point.  While we were married, he gave me very little for us to live on, paid her house payment, utilities, child support till the boys were far over 25 yrs old and God knows what else….  I really got the short end of the stick and told him to leave when his temper made him stab my kitchen counter and he ordered me outta my kitchen.  A little while later, he was laughing, saying he didn’t remember a thing about that….  “I was just funning you” but my counter top has holes and he didn’t repair it…. the entire marriage was like this.  I knew him from High School and married him 20+ years later.  My George, (stepfather) didn’t want me to be alone and knew he had cancer.  He really liked him until after we married and exH started farting at the table – very LOUDLY, and ignoring everyone.  He had a “God complex” that I’d no experience with except with my biological father which I stayed away from and had for years.  They put me in physical danger then claim it all my fault.  duh … I’ve no clue how to straighten out my credit at this point since this bureau said they needed my DL, SS, birth cert, utility bills, and more to prove it is me…. sounds too fishy.  I’ve been calling Credit Bureaus off/on for years telling them about this and they’d just rebuttal her & this kid from hell.   I found his latest truck payments on my report…. and addresses I’ve never heard of.  It’s enough for an old woman to have a nervous breakdown or get suicidal.  I wonder what happens when she dies?  will they make me prove I am alive?  I feel credit bureaus are just Nazis in drag and we enable them with power by furnishing info so I hate this crap.  Employers should not require this to hire someone.  ONLY a criminal check should be required and we should NOT have to pay for that.  There’s so many lies on that report it has made me sick … it would cost a fortune to give this to an attorney but it’s sure a case for them!  and items that happened 20 years ago should never be able to be bought and brought alive to harass you with by serving you with court papers to scare the hell outta you – my JP friend just laughed at that one but my Cardiologist had to increase my meds.  I’m on Social Security and it only goes so far – it won’t retro to fix something from 20+ yrs ago that was written off just because some young baby boomers think they can make a buck trying to scare the beejesus outta an old lady.  That’s called breaking the law and taking up what valuable time that I have left – I need to be enjoying growing tomatoes and petting my dogs. 

My roses are blooming and the tomatoes/peppers/squash plants are beginning to flourish.  My BamBam’s sight is still not ok – she’s bumping into most everything but acting happy and not crying.  She does act depressed sometimes.  If you let her know she’s not alone, then all is well.  She looks very healthy except for her eyes.  I was hoping the Can-C drops would show improvement by now.  SueSue is still needing her asthma meds daily. My other dogs are doing fine. We’re a close knit, happy little family who smells the roses daily.

I still plan on job searching & my one p/t job (which usually has few hours available) has offered me the flower line for this next holiday so I loaded up.  I have my migraine meds and TENS unit all ready.  I pray I do as well as I usually do cause it will be nice to pay down my Visa card and Home Depot.  The Construction guy who was re-doing my den got angry due to not getting FULL PAYMENT in advance.  SO, I have one enormous mess out there.  I’d paid him far too much for what he had done.  Blued n tattooed is a partial description.  He walked off n left angry.  I have a text message saying he quit.  hummmmm.  Two brothers I found on The Greensheet are coming tomorrow to start cleaning and we’ll go from there.  They look like family.  I’m adding prayers they’ll do me right.


Gotta run off, it’s Sunday and one of the best days to work online, taking orders for products advertised on TV.  I just wish it paid more than min wage but that beats nothing, right?


May God help us.





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