March 30, 2014 Sunday

I’ve definitely had better weeks than this past one.

My online job decided to terminate my contract due to a confirmed order from Food Lovers Fat Loss System which will NOT stop the delivery in the middle of the scripting, even though I told the wishy-washy customer she’d have to call Customer Service to cancel at that point.  They claim I SLAMMED her but it was a FACT that she forgot to call … I feel it totally unfair to terminate me … I had great attendance and stats, plus a tenure of 5 years with them.  I had 7 lines to choose from to work, taking orders for products advertised on TV.  I’m so angry and hurt that I am beside myself.  It is so unfair.


I applied for Food Stamps and to my disbelief, they send the info package to my son.  We’re totally confused now.

He signed up for Medicaid last Nov and we’re still waiting for a reply whether he has it or not.  He goes to our County Clinic to see a doctor.  Just had an MRI to find out about help with his back pain and spasms caused by an on-the-job injury at a local school district who refused to acknowledge he got hurt!  I tried to find him an attorney at that time but … they’re scared of suing a school district so that was no help at all.  His attitude has become similar to someone bi-polar!  I pray I find the right help for him soon.

I bought the eye drops for my dogs that says it actually helps them see better and rid the cataracts, developed by a doctor from Russia.  I hope it works – they’re family.

I hope my money lasts – it is sure tight without that little bit of money earned from


Hope your week is better than this … it’s beautiful outside.


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