March 22, 2014 Saturday

This is not a good week for me.

I’ve worked at as IC for about 5 years.  Recently I got a customer who didn’t know what she wanted, and kept going back n forth on changing her mind about order.  Really rude female, I even offered her the CS number several times cause I could feel in my gut that she was trouble.  Well, I was right.  At the ordering stage of NO RETURN I said to her that I would place her order if she wanted the items but if she changed her mind past this screen, she would have to call Customer Service to do a full cancellation.  She told me to continue with the order and I did.  She also bought into one affinity offer.  At the FINAL screen, as I am saying thank you for calling, she tells me to just cancel the order.  I made some statement like I can from this end however you …. click … she hung up on me.  Last Wednesday I get a notice from Liveops saying my account is being reviewed.  On Friday, no matter what I had to say, my contract was terminated.  What a shocker this is to me.  I’ve had LO block me before when the auditors couldn’t hear the customer talk and ASSUMED it was me SLAMMING but I don’t do that.  Now I am without a job due to that call.  LO has only one phone number to call who then tells you to respond by email to …. I did asap but nothing has happened except when I was in AIM with the other Pizza Hut agents, one gal said I was being too negative and caused me to get blocked from there too.  I wasn’t, she ASSUMED again.

This is about the most humiliating situation I’ve encountered in years.  I am on Social Security so this was my supplemental income and I had wanted to keep it.

It’s unfair to set me up like she did.  I’m sure she’s laughing all the way to the bank for getting a free product without strings.  She didn’t care a hoot that she was causing anyone any trouble – she was happy.  It’s a full moon too.

Well, this has caused me to cry, which is something I haven’t done in years.  My contacts appreciate the water.

I’ve posted warnings on Face Book about how you may be treated at LO, who is constantly asking for new agents.  They’ve term’d some really nice people I really liked, probably for the same reason as they term’d me.

My den has been removed and the contractors will start the re-build soon. It was leaking badly. What a mess this has become! My furbabies aren’t sure what to think of the pile of wood/metal in the front yard. The contractor had said they’d start removing the pile today, but I’ve not seen any of them yet. It’s overcast and cool. Temps to lower tomorrow but at least no rain is in the forecast for soon. It really shocked my son and my neighbors that I started this project but it was something I needed to do before I died, so I started it, and laugh about “we’re burning daylight”. I pray I can keep up my humor while this horrible feeling from LO hangs on.

I sincerely thought they’d re-instate me…. I had SO MANY compliments given me while working LO. Guess it doesn’t matter or they work 9-5, M-F only.

Off to get more Kleenex –

May the road rise to meet you and you remember, this is a small world afterall.



2 thoughts on “March 22, 2014 Saturday

  1. You are a good customer agent. Companies that work at home most of them see as dime a dozen. There think we work at home to make some spending money for our vacation. There got to be bigger and better things out there for your skills.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Being disabled does make a difference in what I can or cannot do. I tried working outside the home, but my health interfered. Even though the employer said they worked with disabled, they tended to forget and became mean, even to the point of blatantly rude. After I quit, I became the customer to those rude Supervisors and it was my turn to insist they kiss up. It was a laughable situation to discover I didn’t have the heart of an ogre, even after all the cruelty.

      I believe in Karma.

      Be well, be happy!


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