March 10, 2014 Monday

Hello world …

It’s just me again.  It’s crying time I guess.  I’ve been up since about 3:30am when son’s TV program got loud and I realized I was very hot.  He’d put wood in the fireplace and had the fans on high – wow, it must have been 90 in here.  I’ve not gone back to sleep but am feeling exhausted.  Even the dogs were panting yet the temp outside was in the low 40s, maybe even 30s.  It’ll be 70+ today and 80 tomorrow.  That’s Texas for you….


My friend Nita tried to joke on her broken internet wifi phone connection and I was totally at a loss of what she tried to say.  I just don’t understand a household without a hard line connection.

The exH has been staying away, finally, again.  Three years of being hateful to me, then son was repairing his truck, he decided to be bestest buddies with ME!  I’m at a loss but knew he was weirdly scary…. I’m looking forward to son’s resolution of an issue that came up while he was working on his truck.  It had to do with a female stalker …. he really got angry.

I canned a lot of tomatoes & Brussels sprouts over the past few days.  That shelf looks real nice and FULL …

I shampooed the carpets which needed it from my blind female dog having accidents.  She can’t help it but her attitude stays happy so she’ll get new eye drops to help her cataracts soon – I know I shouldn’t spend so much money on them but they’re family & I love them.

I miss having family to be nice to me.  My son is grumpy most of the time since his injury just over 3 years ago.  He’s applied for Medicaid but they don’t call him back or send him the approval and card.  It was started last Oct and we’re still pending.  He forgets to call on these things and it makes him angry when I remind him… I don’t harp.  He’s wanting to become invisible.  Like that can happen!

My youngest dog, Jesse, just brought me a dead critter that really stinks!  He’d eaten the head off so I pray he doesn’t get as sick as I got just seeing/smelling that thing!  My oldest female, BamBam, has really taught him to be a good rat catcher!  She’s blind now so … but yesterday I did order her Can-C pills and eye drops that have a good reputation of improvement of sight in dogs.  I really pray they work for her because I’d taken her last year for surgery to help and she had a facial surgery then had serious issues coughing for over 9 months.  I won’t take her back because I don’t feel confident about her undergoing anesthesia again.  She’s 12 years old.  I’m going to be a wreck when I lose her…. she’s my “mommie girl” and seems to talk to me.  She’s never grumpy unless someone tries to mess with her ears which I often put drops in to keep any infection down.  She loves me and indicates she knows I am trying to be good to her.

Yesterday my son got another notice from the City of Dallas over a meter parking ticket issued to the wrong plate.  HIS!  His truck had never been to that location and the phone number we called, said to just send a letter explaining and it would be dismissed.  Well, they lied.  I’ve emailed several City of Dallas depts. telling them about the computer malfunction but all I am getting now is telling me to GO INTO the court which assigned it… oh fun … I’d like to know how to get innocent people to send me money just because I want them to… This last phone call said to just pay it…. duh, not when it isn’t right!

Well, off I go to work on my den some.  The wonderful cleaning lady is coming tomorrow.  I can’t really afford it but once a month, it’s my “nice” thing to do for me.

I found some good news this morning.  The e-cig I bought had stopped working within days of arrival.  I asked them to replace it.  They refused.  I fussed.  Now I find they are going to refund the entire amount I spent on it.  Nice going eBay! now to make sure I don’t do business with that individual again…. he was a prick.

I did get the new toilet seat installed this morning in the front bathroom.  It’s nice walnut wood.  Looks great!  exH had broken the old seat.  The repairs of having men live with me is expensive…. they seem to break things easier than what normally happens.  Now, if I can just get the plumber out to install the water on the bidet I put on under the new seat.  Son said this was stupid and my justification was “I am a female who needs it” because I’ve fought cancer in that area and cleanliness helps.  Did you know most countries outside of the USA have bidets as standard? …

A couple of the DVDs I won on came in the mail.  I am enjoying “My Stepmother is an Alien” and “Robocop” the original.  I also got “Gravity” with Sandra Bullock but for some reason, it isn’t catching my attention from the roofing scare.

I called my repairman, Wendel.  Told him about the roof and some other things that I desperately need him to fix.  He’s been promising to come for weeks now.  My checks don’t bounce so I don’t get it!  why not show up and do some repairs for me?  it’s always someone else with bigger problems…. he’s honest so I keep calling him.  He gives me discounts due to being an old lady.  He’s a God fearing family man so I hang in there till he can work for me.  I can count on him not to use foul language, no matter what.  It’s important to me.

The neighbor was outside listening to the roofer talk.  I do wish they’d leave me alone and stop their harassment.  The both of them don’t have much to do or … enough.  They sent Code Compliance here more than once.  Wendel tells me he’ll take care of that.

Then I find that the other repairman, Manuel, was deported.  I didn’t know he was illegal.  His daughter is here & had a anchor baby so … he was a great repairman and priced like I can afford.

The City has us scheduled for large trash pickup next week.  Son has several bags to go that just need bringing around to the front.  That’ll make the backyard look a lot better.  I’ll give it a good blower workout after they’re moved.

Wendel just called to say he’d make arrangements for someone to come help ASAP this weekend so that means I cannot schedule to work while they are here.  I’ve missed 2 weekends for this same reason, waiting, and no one called.  The guy he said would come, didn’t tell him he wasn’t nor did he answer the phone or call me.

I had to reschedule the test for that clogged artery in my neck AGAIN … I show up and the technician doesn’t.  This is a hassle but needed.  The cardiac doctor said when it tests 80% closed, we’re going for surgery.  I was at 70% 6 months ago.  I’ve been taking extra meds to open it or keep it from closing more.  ROTO ROUTER in the neck does not sound like fun to me.  I already have a plate and screws from the MVA … and it is fused.

I went for a dental exam last week.  I thought I had a cavity.  NAW .. good news! it was a stain that my SpinBrush couldn’t remove.  Dr Sakylay told me I needed treatment for the gums.  Sounds normal to me … even though I quit smoking almost 5 years ago, I do love my teas.

If I thought my energy would hold up, I’d go buy paneling for the den roof after spraying with Clorox to kill the mold.  My balance isn’t ok on a ladder…. I’ve fallen several times trying to do stuff I used to do … like climb a ladder.  I hate being disabled and getting old.  My face doesn’t look near like many I’ve seen.

Speaking of buddies looking old.  I saw a JrHi buddy recently who lives with her mother.  OMG.  I didn’t recognize her.  She needed a ride to the dentist.  I also bought her some groceries as if I could afford it…. her SS isn’t near what mine is due to her not reporting income over the years.  “My George” always said I leave a paper trail everywhere I go and someday it will haunt me.  I hope not.

I can’t believe I can’t fix the time to daylight savings on my phone.  It’s a government thing given to low income families but it doesn’t know a hoot about daylight savings so I will have to just remember it is behind an hour.  geeze …

Well, I’m sitting here, pouring my heart out and burning daylight.

Off to be more constructive with some manual things that need to be done.

Thank God for my breathing

and am saying hello to my folks – I miss your companionship.  I will light a candle for you, as usual.  You may be gone, but not forgotten.  I pray the day comes when someone feels this way about me.  I see the love in my furbabies eyes every time I leave the house so that helps more than words can describe.  You blessed my life with knowledge to survive….

May all those who read this, be blessed.

This could be the last day of your life so make it count.





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