February 9, 2014 Sunday

It’s been awhile since I put anything in my blog.  I’ve not meant to avoid sharing what is going on around here.


I’ve had the flu, seriously, almost to the point of being hospitalized.  About a month now, and just went to the doctor last week for an antibiotic.  He thought of everything except the flu and ran nearly a thousand dollars of tests which all came back negative except that my white cell count was high therefore I had an infection somewhere in my body. I tried not to sneeze or cough on him. I was shortly past the worst stage when I went into the office. The antibiotics helped immensely! and I am finally pulling out of this that included diarrhea bad enough to need pads.  My son, 39yrs old, had it for a week and still has the sneezing/some cough, but refuses to go to the doctor.  I’m not sure why he won’t go when he needs medical help except that he has little money and is trying to conserve what he does have.

Last night was a very up/down time around here.  ExH has been coming over far too often to check on us.  Not that he’d actually DO anything to help but it’s for his ego. He likes to talk big but in the end, it’s all about him.  It got on my son’s nerves last night that he was here again so ex left shortly.  Then son relaxed from a hard day trying to survive with body spasms.  He was going to fill his gas tank and park his truck in the back when he abruptly came back into the house.  Angry … he just simply refused to talk to me about it.  Whatever happened, had something to do with bringing up the people he used to work with at the site where he got hurt which was a school district’s Transportation Dept group which harassed him and lied about him… The attorney (WC & Pers Injury) I tried to get to do control, just whimped out on us at the court house.  I tried to get him to talk to me about it but that just made him more angry, throwing the remote, again.  Those are tough little things!  I now have so many things that need repair … I wish I knew what I could do to keep him in that happy mood but I am sure it is outside influences causing this, AGAIN.  Police don’t do much except shuffle paperwork or get violent with you so that’s not something my son likes for me to do, call them about stalkers and such.  Last time I caught my son’s stalker around here, I called them and got a report ID as I was told we could get a restraining order.  Another piece of paper to play with … I really need for this person to find someone who will keep HER busy so we may have peace.  My son’s emotional well-being is involved and this is scaring me for his safety. I know he’s an adult but when so many gang up on you – well, you need reinforcements to come in for safety and peace. Either someone is triggering the tantrums or he isn’t telling me the entire story.  I don’t know who to get for help in this.  She is positive she can do whatever she wants, whenever …. texting him, calling him, seeking him out, is driving him crazy.  He met her thru that job at the school district.  She was the wife of a co-worker and he helped her husband repair his motorcycle – therefore meeting her.  Rumors flew that she & her H started.  He was jealous of son’s talent with vehicles.  She is a sociopath and has threatened me for interfering with her seeing my son – he was home sick and she came over demanding to have him work on her car.  He’d bought a truck thru her, from her brother, and gave her cash.  She put the truck in her name! held that way to keep him in contact with her! He wouldn’t talk to me about it.  She sent a demand letter to take the truck and he was really angry, getting almost to the point of violence.  I told him to go to the Court House and file on her.  He wanted to just stay away from her.  He now has his title, FINALLY, after a year & half of this.  Her mood changed.  Maybe I’m getting too old to understand but I walked away from many a situation just because my gut told me to.

There’s a City Code female who really has a hard on for us.  She comes by often, leaving notices about everything.  Just about a month ago, she even mailed me a VIOLATION for storm/squirrel damage done to my house saying I was neglecting repairs.  I complained to the City of Dallas and to the City Manager’s office.  They’re supposed to be checking up on her activities because this is harassment of the elderly and she has quite a reputation for that.  I’ve ordered her off my property and to stop taking pictures of my place because it is an invasion of my privacy.  I can’t believe my taxes go to pay her salary.  I asked she be terminated due to over-vigilance. She is Iranian and did tell me in a heated discussion about the neighbor’s weeds coming over the fence thus forcing me to bend over and pull them instead of getting a handyman.  She ordered me to do it right now! then stated, “we are coming” when I reminded her it was a holiday.  That was 09/11.  She just looked at me, repeating “we are coming” … I felt so threatened I almost called the Police!  My civil rights are being violated…. I posted on the Dallas Police page about her.  She has made me need tranquilizers!  Those neighbors sent me a letter, copied their attorney, to not touch their things, ie, trees bushes and more.  The City said just cut the overhang when it comes past your fence line and the Police say you can’t do that… who is right? so I posted the entire situation on the local neighborhood site about safety and living in this home for 20 years.  I also sent a email to the city and the police dept, asking they get together for MY SAFETY because  I’m paying this huge property tax … I’ve not heard back.

When my son came in, upset, he threw a piece of paper into the fireplace.  I asked what was that and was told “it was a flyer asking for donations via Kroger”.  hummmm

Needless to say, I’ve not slept well.

We’d been happy because we found a fireplace insert at a low cost.  The guy will help us get it home & installed.  It’s been really cold here in Dallas.  The repairman who has been avoiding me, said he was so sorry!  his worker was supposed to come here to do things but instead, he’d called to say he had the flu.

I thought I’d found a good cleaning lady via a friend’s recommendation.  She turned out to be something else.  Her teeth were half rotted out, making her look like a druggie which frightened me.  On her third visit, she sprayed the bathroom walls with oven cleaner, destroying the paint job done to change the color of the room.  I kept my temper and sent her text after I took her home, saying not to return until I called her.  It was an easy job.  All I ask is a decent day working for a decent pay.  Destroying my place is not in there.  I had to repaint the entire bathroom wall that I’d only intended to just touch up…

I need a vacation from all this but instead, I will keep on working my call center job, in the midst of all the upsetting activity.  It’s making me feel like an idiot that I can not keep peace around my own home because someone else is miserable.  I am not the local dump site.

My furbabies have had their share of the sicknesses.  Two acted like they had the flu and another other one was wheezing her fanny off, so doggy meds are being used as needed.  I do have one young shelter pup acting normal.

I guess that’s enough venting for a day.  The sun will be up soon and it’ll be an opportunity for a new beginning.

I’m praying for peace and quiet in our lives, and good health to all.



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