February 1, 2014 Saturday

I believe Big Foot lives a long time & buries their own.

I had the
weirdest thing happen yesterday here: the housekeeper’s brain farted. She
brought her older brother to do some woodworking maintenance for me. She was
supposed to just do housecleaning. ok….BUT … what she did do was a little
bit of cleaning & a whole lot of snacking. To hurry things up, she sprayed
the bathroom walls with oven cleaner…. you know, the walls I’d used epoxy
paint to change the color? guess what happens when you use oven cleaner on that?
it melts the paint and ruins the recently refinished tub surface …. now I’ll have to have the tub
refinished, again.   Her comment? oops. I smelled something strange all the way into my
office, even thru this stuffy nose – my contacts started burning.  Not long after discovering this, he said he needed to take a nap and wanted to go home. When I drove
them to her errand & then, them home, as they got out of my car, I overheard her  telling her brother what
she’d done in regards to my bathroom, & he screamed at her. I believe I’ve had enough being nice to
someone down on their luck cause it costs ME too much in the long run. (plus the
brother interrogated me as potential partner material – he looked like a street person.  All I could think of was “you have got to be kidding!) After paying her for a day’s work (which she reduced to
~4 hours & snacking all the time, asking for food to go, and a ride to pay bills then take
home) she was making more money than I could pull in and not feeling a bit
guilty about it. I heard her tell him I was rich.  At drop off, he told me he’d left his coat at my house.  There was no way I was going to make a trip again, so I told him he could come get it and I would give him his bus fare.  Just be sure to let me know when he was coming so I would not be working and could answer the door.  She commented “see? I told you so.”  There’s got to be a better way to get labor help! It’s a game of Russian Roulette, just to get a housekeeper !! I remember the days of
cleaning the Minister’s house for $10 lousy bucks. That bought a meal for my son
& me at Dairy Queen. I never asked for anything except a job, nor did I take
anything – that would have been rude.  There’s another lady working our neighborhood, cleaning houses, that brings her own supplies, drives her own car, works as an Independent Contractor – I’ll call her.  SHE doesn’t look like she’s a recovering crack addict or alcoholic or whatever the hell this gal is.  Obviously, something is wrong with her brain…. she told me her daughter had died from a long term illness.   She’d been recommended to me from a friend whose exW was buddies with her.  He said she’d taken it real hard & just about went to pieces over it. …. Maybe I need to change my middle name to “gullible” cause she kept telling her brother that I’m the sweetest lady he’ll ever meet.  hummmm, I guess SO!  I believe in KARMA and GOD.  I sent a text to my friend over this – he hasn’t responded.  Bet he’s in shock too.


I hope the City of Dallas has terminated that female Code Compliance gal that’s had a hard on for me …

Today is another nice day here but
rain is predicted. Cooler tomorrow. Wendel, the contractor, promised he was
coming today … it is now 8:30am.  I’m taking today off so I can go to Home Depot for what they need – that concrete board for the new siding.  Roof rats won’t eat thru that stuff !!


Be well, pat/hug the dog (check it’s
feet) … this weather is harsh on all of us.

I thank God for my blessings

& stomp out loud


“I just want to celebrate another day of living!”


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