December 27, 2013 Friday

Obviously some in my chat site, which I frequent often, have taken their hormone pill so constructive things are getting done, in an orderly & nice fashion.  Me too.  I was shocked to find that RX now comes in a crème, once a week.  hummmm, my, my, how time has passed … and it doesn’t have the cancer warning on it!

Son has appointments today for medical stuff.  He was overloaded last night and today may not be any better … he has another stalker, a elderly man this time, and Lori is still in the picture trying to get him to see her. I hope the doctor gives him tranquilizers.  Things have been so busy around here, I’ve barely had time to work online.  Just too much noise/questioning me … the cleaning lady couldn’t do anything without asking permission – made me wonder if she’d been in jail when she ASKED permission to go to the bathroom.  She didn’t show up yesterday as scheduled, but called about noon, saying she had partied the night before and was too hung-over.  When she was here, work got done well and son slept good in a well made bed.  There are things I just can’t do – like lean over good, I fall. Hopefully, son will get more medical help and be more comfortable with his damaged body – he’s getting seriously depressed over it which frightens me.

There are times when I really miss working outside the home … but, this is life now.  Just take Bear Spray or heat,  when going outside cause there’s a lot of nuts loose … attacks on the internet can be deleted or ignored, even though they are irritating as all get-out.  There are sure a lot of people needing meds!  the hippy comment “chill out” comes to mind and yes, I made it thru the 60s/70s without doing drugs etc, I was busy working at the phone company to support myself because I made lousy choices in husbands.

Have scheduled Handy Man to come again soon.  I didn’t want to try house cleaning lady’s fella.

The furbabies are totally enjoying their Santa gift box filled with new toys.  Verdel is still begging for more Sweet Potato chips.  I think he’s in love!  it’s hard to believe that he’ll be 13 officially soon…

My horoscope talks about an epiphany tonight.  hummmmmmm, doesn’t that mean the porch light will work?   just kidding…. I paid the electric bill.


We’re in for another bad storm very soon, according to YaHoo weather.  Have the firewood and soup in preparation.


Be well and be nice to others – Karma is real.


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