December 23, 2013 Monday

Merry Christmas to all ! …


Wendel took care of the VIOLATION problem and took that D*** letter with him …

He’ll be back to repair the gutters and I’ve more things in mind to do since I saw what beautiful work was done on Saturday. He came on his anniversary to help me, isn’t that rare?  Like I said – he’s a good family man and I appreciate him. (I gave him a big bottle of Jovan Gardenia cologne for his wife and told him to tell her he bought it specially for her. He was totally thrilled. For the other man, so he wouldn’t feel left out, I gave him a box of my favorite tea & he watered up in his eyes as he said thank you very much.  A little kindness CAN go a long way and I sure felt good about these men)


Today, Bill & friend are coming. A corner of the outside (just outside the front bathroom) needs new siding and Wendel had some leftover material, so things can match. The backyard will be cleared of all the limbs brought down by these storms.  This will be an all day thing and will require something more than hot cocoa.


exH called to say hello and ask how we are doing.  I was pleased to tell him, we’re fine.  Things are getting done and well, besides they’re keeping the costs reasonable just for me.  Son & I had a lovely day – even sharing giggles, as we got the tree, put up lights and snacked on COOKIES. By 6pm, my body hurt so bad I was about ready to go to the ER.  These spasms are not something an aspirin can numb…. a good neurologist told me a few years ago that I’m just going to have to learn to live with it.  Needless to say, I didn’t work today.  ExH promised he wouldn’t stay past 10pm from now on and said he’d see me to tonight to help pay for the holiday goodies. (huh?)  I accept donations (but don’t hug anymore).  Son found 2 spots on the carpet beside where he sat to watch TV.  His cigarettes burned holes while he concentrated on not missing a peep … I had even put a huge ashtray nearby so this wouldn’t happen.


We sure like our outside lights bought at Sam’s – low voltage, blue/white, lite up the entire yard! better than the regular porch light I use. No blinking to draw across street neighbor out, been there/done that.  I may leave these up year round! furbabies really like them too – I can see BamBam no matter what corner of the yard she goes to and she can see how to come back to the door quickly. kewl


Got the furbabies a huge box especially for dogs and giggled as I listened to son telling them “Santa is coming to see you soon!  Mommie made sure of it!” This little conversation, directed at them, without looking to see if anyone was listening, sure warmed my heart … he crinkled the plastic wrapping and their little eyes lit up with interest and a joyous dance.  Life is getting better …


My plan today is work online some, after the yardwork & housecleaning is done, it’s carpet shampoo time.  Needless to say, my meds are changed and I have the B-Complex for energy.  The doctor decided he didn’t want to give me the migraine med any more so maybe the NEXT doctor will have recommendations instead of sending me to the neurologist in-network, who wants me to just control them with diet. (WHAT ????!!!!!!)


I absolutely must share with you a gut giggle.  When Wendel & buddy went into the side yard to start repairing, the neighbor’s dog went ballistic and they got in the car and left for the day. teeheeee, hahahahahahaha, roflmao, she’s intolerant of any sound outside her house.


We have firewood in abundance now.  PLUS, there’s more to be stacked.


Am headed back to get some more rest for a little while before Bill & BF get here.  No way I could keep up with all these people without extra meds….


May your day be filled with the joy of Christmas and you find peace within.  My heart is happy …


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