December 21, 2013 Saturday

trying to accomplish something.


Code Compliance made sure they did everything they could to wreck my holidays, just like 09/11 – no respect. Must be miserable people without a life….

 It’s COLD here too, with rain, so climbing around isn’t going to be an easy task on the outside of my house. I have two wonderful guys who’ve promised me they’ll be here today to look at animal/storm damage and come back tomorrow to repair it. One works for the City of Dallas during the week and has his own business on the side – they repair fences/and more. He’ll be able to rebuild that shed into another garage for son’s covered workspace. Not trying to piss off the neighbor, but it’ll be situated right at that fence. She fussed at son every time he was in there, day or night, doing anything, before he went to work at GISD.  I resent having an agent ORDER me do something … I pay taxes and do projects to build UP my property as money permits…it’s the neighbor’s who pushed her into writing up the VIOLATION without warning, I am positive. My psychic says they argue a lot (I’ve heard a few of those arguments because they were very LOUD accompanied by door slamming and dog screaming) and will be moving soon – thank the Lord, I’ll dance on their moving day, if I last that long…. my BP is still going thru the roof and sugar count (even watching my diet) is very high. Both this neighbor and this Code Compliance gal are dangerous to my health.  Prayers would be nice, this is my home.


Neighbor on other side, Cory, who let a tree fall on us a few years ago, (claiming no responsibility) we just found out thru the beauty shop gossip line, has been without heat for a few weeks. He has 5 people living with him, all females. He’s clueless that electric heaters work … duh … I wonder why Code didn’t jump him? in this neighborhood, anything like that is reason to condim, tear the house down. Code is pushing for all new homes to be built around here and I wonder what the deadline date is. Code is playing GOD, especially on the elderly/disabled. Son nearly cried…. the stress is showing up in my body, not crying. bummer … that’ll leave a scar.


Order flowers, I’m going online … Merry Christmas to all !

(who could possibly go thru all this without Bailey’s ???!!!)


new movie? – INKHEART, nice diversion to stop the dreaming. AND, in case you’re on ROKU, I found Lilyhammer to be charmingly funny. Not for kids because of language. Am on Journeyman now, he’s a jumper – cool, I want to do that!


SueSue’s asthma is terrible but thank the Lord for meds for dogs, and I had my inhaler RX refilled, just in case, like the Vet told me to do. It only took 2 1/2 weeks for the order to arrive…. must be snail mail via U-Haul or such.


Happy HOLIDAYS to all … sending smilies and hugs


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