December 21, 2013 Saturday

I am happy things are lining up to be accomplished very soon.

Bill H, the brother of a GF/demo co-worker from long ago, has just come by to look at the lower wall damage caused by the storms.  He’ll be back tomorrow to fix it – said, “that’s a simple fix!” … nice young man, lives with his mother.  Respectful.  A friend.  He also has a lady friend needing work and wants to do house/yard cleaning.  How lucky can I get?  a two-fer!  all the tornado limbs can be hauled off via exH’s truck to his company trash bin without any issues.  Hallelujah …

Wendel is on his way – he’ll do the upstairs (1 ft of wood wall eaten from animals/raccoons/squirrels), just recently along with very serious storm damages, i.e. tornadoes.  I’m going to continue my talk with him about other areas here that I want repaired if everyone will leave me alone.  He’s another good guy that works in landscaping for the City of Dallas and has his own business on the side.  Church going family type.


The sun going into Capricorn sure has helped me but my nose keeps bleeding from the stress….

I tried to work a few hours this morning, doing my Call Center from home, but someone banged on the door – again.  I had to stop.  I have a sign up saying “Keep it down, I’m on the phone” – guess they can’t read or won’t.  There’s so little privacy now … I earned enough over the year to get my property taxes paid, PLUS, from doing this job so … it is important! 

The concrete/fence man from down the street is coming Monday to see how he can help = he’s ill with the flu right now but knows this crazy neighbor well….

The furbabies new Christmas sweaters came in.  With our temps dropping seriously again, I put them on them.  They’re prancing.  Gotta love ’em…. they’re RED so when it snows or such, I can still see them!  have the blinking collars too, besides the Santa coats.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow … they’re happy campers and add joy to my life.

Off to do some laundry etc. 

Be well, thank God for the blessings!

lite a candle for the loved ones who are waiting for you…





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