G’d morning everyone, it’s been totally absurd around here…. including having
the corner neighbor peeking around his brush at my house so he can call Code
Compliance to get me a Violation again. I’ve made a lot of noise to City Hall
about them at this point. The one who wrote up the thing, without a warning, I
am sure was the Irian gal from the 09/11 visit who was such a pushy b**** and
started the entire harassment thing about suing me. I’ve asked she be terminated
or reassigned as wild life catcher but definitely to stay away from my property.
Lori texted son again, saying it sure is hard to find a good mechanic and she
needs him – he was so depressed I thought he’d cry as he told me – she’s the stalker we’ve been dealing with. He checked on
the ACA Medicaid he applied for over a month ago and they’d lost his info – but
not his name. We’re supposed to be happy … he was doing it again when her
computer crashed and she asked him to call back, please. The PC wants $172 just
to do the medical paperwork for SSD, hummmm. Something tells me there’s a
conspiracy going on here.

ExH has a small diverticulis nodule from that
testing I took him to. Next day, he had a needle put in his eye for testing
since they think he has an infection. He’s still anemic and no one knows WHERE
the blood is going. well, duh … now I know WHY he’s coming to me… I’m the
one who’s lost so many to cancer. If the body isn’t leaking it, something eating
it. I’m thinking leukemia. He fusses regularly about the gas from the iron pills
but refuses to acknowledge he did that in the past w/o them and that GAS-X would

I hope I didn’t overload anyone. I haven’t cried, but thank God I
have Diazepam and booze. I have felt the need to hurt someone – and resisted.
. My bowels are in good shape and my nose still
bleeds – may need a cauterization touchup. My blood pressure is going thru the
roof and I am having chest pain down the arms. No doctor will believe all this
crap happens to one person in such a short time. I posted it in my blog which
went to facebook so this will put light on those acting like dumb butts and
harassing old ladies. I even sent the story to FoxNews and Channel 8 because this is the season to be happy not bug your neighbors.

Code Compliance
got hold of exH’s son in Arlington too. When the licensed plumber came to
approved his pipes put in around his water heater, he failed, and they called
CC. He’s been ordered to pull out all those new pipes due to using the wrong
materials and being sub-standard. He didn’t ask anyone before doing, except exH.
Obviously, they didn’t listen to the plumber who wanted so much money to do it
for them so … sounds like a smart-A kid 
thinking he knew everything. This one had a history of cutting school so much they wanted to put him in foster care or juvie. He dropped out n got his GED.  Now exH is telling me he is the one who taught the computer classes in HS, I just don’t believe it when he refused to do anything and I do mean anything even wash/bath/cut his “past the shoulders” hair, during those years.

I called the guys who’ve helped clean around
here before and cut trees for me. One of them works for the City of Dallas in
landscaping during the week and runs his own fence/repair business on the side.
God loving man. He told me he’d be here Saturday @1pm and I can count on him.
Last time, he was to finish the back fence and son ran him off saying he’d do
it….told son not to do this again and that a lot of this items had to go too.
He’d planned on selling them but life just hasn’t allowed it to happen. Son is
seeing that his actions can get ME tickets … just like I said. Son can’t get
on the roof due to getting so dizzy at any height now. Wendel said Saturday, to
look/appraise what all he’ll need, then definitely accomplish the job on Sunday so
that says to me, don’t try to work this weekend at all – I’m going to have guys
crawling all over the house. Today & Saturday say rain & cold. Sunday
will be a little better but still cold.

My doggy meds arrived yesterday.
by U-Haul truck with a petite & perky FedEx driver
smiling so big you had to belly laugh….best laugh all week.

If my
George were here, he’d be finding an absolutely good attorney to shut up the
wise guys. My divorce attorney (also handles other type cases) has cancer and
has reduced his hours to part time and working from home. Dallas is so
diversified that I find it odd that they pursue my neighborhood so diligently
with a magnifying glass. I feel it is just to get more taxes out of people. If
they can force out those in the older homes, new ones can be built which bring
in more revenue. Logical conclusion. Why the corner neighbors are surveillancing
so many, I’ve no clue. They accomplish nothing but spent a lot of time just
being busy/bodies. He’d said he was an architect wfh, and he helped her train to
be a psychologist. I believe she works from home like I do, maybe, because if
you try to get them to answer the door, she throws a fit and when he comes back
home, he waits till you are out in the yard to ask WHY you bothered them. I had
a team cutting a tree down a few years ago and one limb fell over the fence, but
to retrieve it, they had to go into their yard. She refused to answer the door
and we left the limb – the team left. He came over later, telling me he’d take
care of it and I heard them arguing in the yard about her not answering the
door, and it was costing them money for her to sit on her butt … LOL … it’s
her with the GOD complex! I see him often, peeking around the bushes, & he’s spoiled her to rotten so she bullies any way she
can. If it works for them, I don’t care, just leave us alone and shut
up.  (when George passed away, the hurst had pulled away with the body and the doorbell rang with her/him standing there, giggling. I told them to go home – that was rude of them to show up like that at a horrible time and we weren’t friends at all.  She’d never paid for the damages she caused here and instead, just called us liars because we didn’t take pictures of it happening.  Even “trailer trash” knows better than doing this!)

vent over, coffee is ready … God help us, I’m just quietly trying
to survive this till you call me home. I’m ready for peace.

Hope your day is better – I’m off to Home Depot for concrete.  I am mending in the rain…. my meds have kicked in.


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