December 18, 2013

My neighbor sure has a hard on for me…


She got Dallas Code Compliance to write me a Violation on structure neglect (caused from these recent storms and animals eating their way into my attic)  Needless to say, I am angry.  Wrote to City Hall about it.  Code immediately sent me a email saying they’re sorry to be upsetting me and will work with me … hummmm, it’s a one foot hole and storms knocked down the gutter.  It can only be seen from this neighbor’s house.  Code made her cut those bushes/trees that laid over on son’s truck sitting in the street after he’d laughed at me n trimmed 4 limbs…  I told Code about her letter telling me she’d sue me if I touched them so I had politely asked them to ask her to cut them back again, and THIS IS WHAT I GET?  just more proof she’s a peeping tom – now do something, the Police and City Hall already know.  I’m pretty sure this is criminal activity to pursue neighbors under surveillance like this.  I don’t want you on my property either, we’re busy cleaning as we’re physically able… My son and I are both disabled.


This is really stressful and this neighbor (4303 Somerville Ave, Dallas) thrives on it.  She ran off a lovely elderly lady who lived for years across the street with family.  When they all passed away, this neighbor moved into the neighborhood.  She convinced the elderly lady she had the black mold and so she moved into an apartment, leaving her family home vacant for years.  She came and said goodbye to me shortly before she passed away, with tears in her eyes of memories of love that had once been there.  Funniest part is there is black stuff coming out of the white vents on HER house but it’s none of my business….


Merry Christmas


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