December 15, 2013 Sunday

Good morning to all …

I had my little shock yesterday ~10pm. As I was going out for firewood, I saw a
man standing beside son’s truck! His own vehicle door opened, in the middle of
the street, and running. Before I could do anything, he got back into his
vehicle and left. He looked life a sheriff deputy without markings and wouldn’t
say a word. I called the police. I am so sick of weird things happening around
here. I couldn’t get to the mace fast enough and who’d think of needing it to
bring in firewood? hindsight is always 20/20. He was not wearing a gun nor a badge, so I wasn’t sure.  A parking ticket was issued a few
months ago and the officer wrote up the wrong plate number – put down this truck
number, which has NEVER been to the location in question. We’ve contested and
contested, written and called them, but keep getting notices.  I sent a email to my Congressman about it along with one to the Sheriff’s office, Police Dept, and City Manager.  I got responses back saying we’ve done the right thing and shouldn’t be required to do anything else.  Then this man shows up at 10pm.  … Son finally moved the truck into the back parkway last night and
considered chaining it to a tree, just in case the City/County tries to tow it
for that ticket. They don’t seem to be able to read “THIS IS NOT MY TICKET, I ,
nor my vehicle, was at this location nor have ever been” It’s called harassment
… I guess as long as someone is harassing me, I am alive? This isn’t fun … there’s always something going on around here in the past few years.

The storm caused those bushes from 4303 to lay on this truck even after I asked City Code Compliance to have them cut them back.  4303 had sent me a letter advising me they’d sue if I touched them – even sent a copy to their attorney.  Well, he trimmed 4 branches, laughing all the time.  I sent another email to Code, telling them about the 4 branches laying on our truck and asked a citation be issued due to neglect of taking care of their property and laughing about it.  I really dislike these neighbors who’ve nagged me since moving in in about  ’98.  She’d had a tree cut down, it damaged our garage and she refused to cover the costs, so … I believe she’s crazy.  The guy living at 4311 had a tree fall on us and refused to cover those damages too. Allstate refused to sue both of them but did increase MY INSURANCE COSTS.  Seems illegal to me but they said not.  I keep telling the City and they say tell them if I feel in danger, ok, I am…. their turn to do some protecting me, instead of people bullying me.

Saw the guy across the street walking in circles in his yard a few nights ago.  Not looking for something, just walking in circles … as if was asleep, again … this is spooky.  At least he wasn’t screaming profanity and carrying a gun.  A couple of months ago, he shot out a garage window of someone on the next street in a rage… He’d come across my street with his gun, screaming profanity at my dogs who were yelling hello at a jogger.  They came running to me in fear and I yelled back at him who immediately realized he had been seen, did a U-turn, and walked down the driveway of 4311 to the alleyway and shot his gun at the garage.  I got my dogs in the house quickly.  The next time he came out screaming profanity at us, I had my phone and called 9-1-1 to report him and told them about the prior incident also.  He told them he was sorry and it wouldn’t happen again.  He’s had a woman stay with him most of the time since.  This is a family neighborhood, my family has owned this house since it was built in the 40s.  It’s not right to be bullied out by these youngsters.  4303 did bully that old lady from across the street, out of her home by telling her often, that she had the black mold.  She died in an apartment, lonely, missing her family home.  I saw her one last time as she came by to say goodbye.

All this excitement has definitely had my blood pressure go higher.  I had my nose cauterized recently.  THIS doctor was worth it.  Such a nice person and very good at his job.  My nose is sore but I can now blow it and not have to pack it.  NICE … for the past few months, it has been like a running faucet.  My blood work said I was becoming anemic so it had to be done, it had gotten that bad.  This procedure was done just over a year ago with a inferior doctor … I won’t go into that visit any further, just that he didn’t know what he was doing and almost burned a hole THRU my nasal cavity.  OUCH!!!

Furbabies are having bronchial asthma.  SueSue mostly but BamBam is rarely wheezing.  I am sure BB had damage from that surgery last January.  SueSue hasn’t had any surgery that would bring this on.  Dr gave me meds for her and it is controlling the problem.  She knows when to ask for them and the inhaler is a rescue.  Got the cutest coats so they can go outside.  Have indoor pottypatches too.  Are they spoiled?  yeah – they’re my lovies.

Enough chatter – have a safe, blessed day.  Thank God for each breath, it is a blessing in itself.  Hug a furry critter – to them, YOU are God.



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