December 14, 2013 Saturday

Happy Saturday to you!


exH came over last night to brag about his oldest son who’d quit his job cause
he was phased out first, then bored at Mattress Giant, computer specialist. This
is the son who got into so much trouble in school by playing hooky that he was
almost put in foster care. Now, exH doesn’t remember that. Kid lazily negotiated
n got a $25K increase. He loves computer work but in school, absolutely REFUSED
to do anything but play computer GAMES. ex says he taught the classes in school
but somehow NO ONE in school gave him credit for it … hummmm, only heard of
all the court dates & police being called looking for him, and them being
ordered to control their kid or else, then there was the youngest to deal with
who set off fireworks in the house or just set fire to things. He’s the son ex
brought here … I met the oldest who told my George rudely, he’d never live in
this “old rundown dump” … so I insisted he leave immediately and he’s never
been back. His live-in GF got hurt on the job, he bought a very old rundown
house and is restoring it now, as she is currently on SSD. He’d been fussing
about how much work that had turned out to be – LOL. Karma does come back on
you. I think he lied to exH for some unknown reason. The youngest is a truck
driver and calls to report to him regularly but keeps more in touch with his
mom. Ex thinks the brain tumor is returning. The youngest tried to put out a hit
on me just before they found the brain tumor. A school teacher overheard him and
reported it to the Principal who called me to say be careful of him. ex played
all this down as just being kids and playing around. He helped that son get a
gun collection to calm him. I told that son he couldn’t come here any more. I’m
not sure why ex tells me all this stuff … I only saved the life of the
youngest and was called the beetchy ole stepmother. BTW, Cupid is not welcome

I was in my MVA while listening to all this – GOD works
miracles cause I lived…


A couple of days ago, I got my son to an appointment with Binder and Binder to discuss getting help with HIS SSD.  The gal was dressed like a street walker and rude to me.  I walked out.  Son stayed to talk with her.  He’s been turned down twice.  I asked Senator Sessions to help him too.  He signed a form allowing Senator’s office to check it out.  B&B told him he had a good case and gave him the form to appeal his denial.  Now to get him to sit and do it – that’s the next step.  His food stamps stopped due to his doctor’s delay in response even though he’s been seeing her every two weeks.  His back pain has been bad and he’s been seeing his dentist often due to suddenly having this teeth go bad.  It’s expensive!  The stalker seems to have almost stopped so that’s a help – we got the police investigating her behavior so maybe she’ll get arrested for starting that mess.


I received a huge letter package yesterday from Las Vegas with a check for $2250 and early this morning a text saying to check my emails.  LOL, talk about big scam.  That screamed SCAM.  There was no letter, and I didn’t know them.  I wish Santa existed but … that would have paid my taxes.  I’m not selling the house so … I’ve had 2 offers this week. … and I’m not going to a nursing home!  even if my neighbors are bitchy, rude, and trying to take over my property!

May we all have a beautiful day and
smile – hug gently


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