November 15, 2013 Friday

Good afternoon!

I’ve spent some time panicking since I found a lump. 


I’ve pulled all my prior mammogram records to take with me or had them faxed to Baylor Cancer Center so I can be prepared if a biopsy is needed.  The normal places to have mammogram done don’t do biopsies, they just do the pictures.  Last time a lump was found, I got about 6 conflicting letters in the same week from the mammogram place I was going to … needless to say, I don’t go there anymore.  My nerves couldn’t take it.  Baylor took care of me as I rushed in, in tears, with all those letters in hand, back in 2007 or prior when the biopsy was done.  They did followups.  They are the best around here for females or, in fact, anyone suspicioning cancer.  I first called my PC and got a referral.  The office lady was so nice!  She’d been thru this so totally understood my tears.  My son turned ashen as he heard me on the phone.  I guess he’s disillusioned now that I am a steel magnolia.  It is 20 years this month since Mom passed away from breast cancer after they finally diagnosed her after only 3 1/2 weeks of realizing what was wrong.  She and I knew for almost a year.  I already have the pink ribbon marker in the other side so I may have a matching now – there’s got to be something to make me laugh about this.  My appointment is for 8am, Monday morning.  I’m not sure if God is up that early!  I hope so, I’ll need HIM to hold my hand.  I cry every time I go into this building although these people are extremely nice and understanding.  I lost my grandfather, aunt, and my George to this terrible disease – it is very painful.


My son sent off his letter to the state to get his Workers Compensation doctor info that was done on him 3 years ago.  The supervisor refused to write up the injury on the job so he was denied compensation but the info can help his current doctor treat him now, as he’s still hurting and having trouble.  May even help him get SSD or something.  We hope so.  He needs it. 


Prayers to all who need them and those who don’t THINK they do –


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