October 27, 2013 Sunday

I hope today is better.  I’ve had a couple of weeks of major stress – totally full of crying spells and shakes with chest pains.  It’s been one thing after another:

My son’s stalker, Lori (with whatever last name she chooses to use this month) is texting him with poems now, making him upset again.  She’s ten yrs older than he and just won’t leave him alone!  Even when the Police told her to stay away!

Son saw his ex supervisor (Eddie) in Mesquite, while driving to see someone and the guy just pulled over, looking shocked, but stared at him.  Son told me he wasn’t sure what his problem was now since he’d always been so hateful toward him and had been the one who caused him to get arrested with his lies… we’re still waiting for the DA to expunge the case. The Garland school withdrew all their lies and Garland police closed their case within a few weeks and started investigating Lori more.  All that mess happened last January.  Lori had told son Eddie had put a “hit” out on him so son pulled his truck over to ask about it but Eddie wasn’t the one driving & he didn’t have his phone number but she did… she’d called Eddie to proposition him, from what son had heard himself, once, and trying to make a date with him.  Our cellphones have finally stopped the low bars which usually happen when someone is tracking you, according to the phone company and our local police. Lori is married to Ernie, who works for Eddie in the Transportation Dept at GISD, and Eddie is somehow related to the upline, Tom so all their jobs are secure via family relations.  We’re told everyone else who worked there when son’s accident happened, has been laid off.  Only Ernie, who was supposed to have been helping son with the transmission job, is still there and he’s Lori’s husband, last we heard.  Messy situation, deserves a slot on Prime Time TV, eh?  We’ve tried changing channels, but it wouldn’t work so I had to call the Police to stop the communications.  My son got the shaft from this job but he worked there diligently for about 4 years before getting hurt, now he has back injuries with serious spasms and migraines.  No WC, insurance, or anything else to help him.  No attorney has wanted to take the case because Eddie didn’t write up the case – he wants HIS record to be clean.  They swept my son under the rug.  Is this still America?

I turned 66 recently and my disability turned into normal social security.  Their office called me to verify I am still alive.  LOL.  I wasn’t laughing when they wanted to go into my bank records and insisted I had a pension that I’d not declared… What is wrong with this picture???  By the time I got off the phone with her, I was almost screaming “seven years ago, I got a divorce settlement I declared! it was NOT a pension of mine, it was a divorce settlement to me.”  Then she offered to help my son get SSdisability help.  I’m not feeling the cozy… I got the “big brother looking over my shoulder” feeling along with the spy camera in the bath room feeling.  eeewk and euwie … I may want to buy Mason Jars and start digging holes in the yard now. Dayum!

SueSue, my female Brussels Griffon dog, is still coughing and needing meds twice a day to help her breath.  Her heart is holding up well and the fluid is gone from around it.  Finally.  She’s playing, doing a little running, but tires easily.  Otherwise, healthy acting.  I see progress.  BamBam is off her meds, after only 10 months of serious med regimine n treatment from facial surgery that was supposedly to help her sight.  I am not taking her back for the glaucoma surgery to be finished – this coughing was supposed to be only a day or so – it almost killed her.  With the 2 girls ill, it has upset the entire household.

The guy across the street apparently works nights.  If I let my dogs out when it is inconvenient to him, he runs out cursing ugly profanity.  Once, he was waving his gun and even went down Cory’s driveway and shot a window out of a neighbor’s garage.  It has scared my dogs beyond words, so I’m shampooing a lot right now.  I called the Police on him.  He told them he was sleep walking, is sorry & it won’t happen again.  This is the blonde guy who stays there sometimes. He now has a another person staying with him.  The dark haired boy who is usually there with a dog, is the nice one.  This one is a creep and I think dangerous.

Took son to see Dr to keep his Food Stamps going.  That cost me a bundle.  Son was really happy to see her and a follow up will be soon.  I bought the AmeriPlan to help with these costs. I’ve not gotten him ins yet and he’s not fretting about any of this.  Just says he can’t afford it.  He’s still doing his good deeds for the elderly but my yard sure needs some of those good deeds. Using the weedeater is something that makes his back spasm so badly he needs major pain meds and bed rest, much like me.

Cory, neighbor on my right, is having his back fence replaced.  Not sure why but he tells son it is a security issue.  The wood fence between us is falling over.  It’s his baby to pay for and I am not helping him.  He let a sick tree fall on my house n laughed at me so … refused to help with copay!  Sick S.O.B. as far as I feel.  Son wants to get along with everyone – I’m feeling he’s getting a bit two-faced here.  Loyalty starts at home especially when mom is footing the bill for a place to live!

Neighbor on the left did a weird thing a couple of days ago.  The guy, whose last name is different than hers, walked my front, just looking, past my house, a few feet past, then turned and went back to his house.  No dog.  Just looking.  Stayed on the sidewalk.  They’re so nosey.  His trees n bushes are coming over the fence into my yard but maybe he’s accessing how much trimming he needs to have done?  She has threatened to sue me if I TOUCH anything of theirs so have at it n cut your crap … this is the same female who had a tree cut ~20 yrs ago, it fell on our garage n she claimed “I know nothing”.  Allstate let her get away with that.  It broke skylight windows n caused structural damage.  When I asked HIM about what they were going to do about it, he just walked away from me.  Nasty people refusing to cover their damages but loving to demand others pay for their cuteness.  He said early upon their move-in that he was an architect & she an online psychologist.  They wanted me to remove my satellite dish bc it MIGHT cause damage to their house if … She talked an old lady across the street into moving out of her home into an apt saying she had the black mold.  It was in this neighbors house, not the old lady’s.  I can see it.  The old lady came back once to say goodbye to the family home and died alone, I talked to her at that one visit.  That was sad.  They came running over here when my George passed from cancer, as soon as the hurst drove off, she as silly giggly as a school girl, him telling her this is the wrong timing.  Not what one would do if sincere about paying respects.  I thought she was on drugs! … I dislike them. 

My ex has been coming over ever since January’s incident with son.  Son was showing him how to repair his truck when the police arrested him, re-injuring his back.  Garland police are extremely rough and assume guilty until proven innocent.  Son & ex were at a Parts House parking lot when they pulled guns on them, demanding son get on the ground, not showing their badges nor doing the Miranda, just grabbing him.  Ex comes here often, to use my utilites to cook, watch my TV, or use my bathroom, just to save on his utilities.  I believe he uses toilet paper twice.  Such a pig.  After he clogged my toilet lines, he said he’d help pay for the plumber, well, words are cheap, he didn’t put a penny into paying him nor did he come across with any chemical to clear the line nor plunge any.  I had it to do myself….  Last time he called, I had just sat down to dinner – he asked if he could bring popcorn to cook.  I simply stated, “so let me get this straight.  You want to bring your popcorn to cook in my microwave, & watch my TV for free.  Right?” he never said yes.  It finally sunk in how ridiculous it sounded and he said “I’ll call ya later”.  That was a couple of days ago.  I am so tired of this man mooching off me.  He had his youngest rob me of items and I’ve told him to bring them back yet I’ve not seem a thing, but he leaves with a big smile on his face.  Like the cat that got the canary.  chirp chirp, I don’t like this feeling…. my attorney let him do this to me with me telling him to stop him.  I later found out my attorney was fighting cancer at the same time.  I still had to pay the full amount to the attorney.  I’m not sure what it is that makes men USE me like this.  I deserve a break!

My head is hurting – I’ve caught a bad cold.  I do have an appointment with a new MD, a real MD, next week.  Not just a doctor assistant, THE doctor.  I hope he’s good and stays in practice a few years.  The Obamacare thing has me scared silly for all of America and I’ve been reading posts on FB & Twitter.  I think we’re all going to go broke very quickly over this.  I’m glad I paid off the house, now if the neighbors will mind their own business … son’s stalker will stay away … I can keep bills paid … dogs will stay healthy … and I can defend us, maybe we will survive.  My faith in God will not wane, but my faith in my body is failing.  I am really tired of bullies.


Chicken Soup for the Soul because my light is shining and I am feeling alone on this planet except for the dozen Kleenex boxes and gazillion germs, even the dogs are beginning to sneeze.  If it didn’t hurt to talk, I’d read out loud to them.

It must be Fall in Texas – flu season!  Virtual VicksVapoRub to all …



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