October 12, 2013 Saturday

We’ve got a humorous jogger in our neighborhood.  As he was turning the corner this morning, to come down our street, he yelled out for my youngest dog “Come on Jesse, yell at me” or something like that.  I’d not had my coffee yet, but was in the yard with them.  I had Jesse in my arms, about to go inside after he’d already said hello to the sweet elderly walker with his little dog.  Both the gentleman and I were shocked at the jogger’s yelling.  My son jumped out of bed and came running out to find out what the commotion was this time.  I’ve no clue, but the smile on the joggers face was one worth a Kodak moment.  I think he was just having fun because he heard about the ugly morning yesterday that scared us.  I almost needed the ER by evening due to that excitement.  I am just not as young as I used to be … my little dogs are FAMILY, mostly older, and abusing them is something that is not acceptable, that includes threats/screaming at them with severe profanity as was done by a young neighbor yesterday morning “because he was asleep and didn’t know what he was doing”.  The police conveyed to me “he was real sorry about that and it won’t happen again” but that didn’t calm me much since this wasn’t his first time.  The first time he did this, he had a gun and did shoot out a  window in the garage, across our alleyway from us, due to dogs barking back there.  I now keep my mace much closer to the door and a gun (got a new one, btw, that just fits my hand – .380 Taurus for my birthday).  This is a safety issue.  Even the kids, esp the little girl who poked BamBam in the face with a stick, bringing blood, is afraid of the neighbor’s temper – her father n he have had a very LOUD “talk” that was heard all the way over here….  Apparently, the sandy blonde man living at 4310 Somerville Ave DLS TX hates dogs & kids!  I really like the dark brown headed young man who is found living there (most times).  This house was passed on to family when the lovely couple died a few years ago.  Sometimes they rent, sometimes the nephew, lives there – the dark brown haired young man.  I’ve no clue who the blonde is and with his anti-social behavior, I’ve no interest in knowing or saying hello.  I usually stay in my own yard but it seems, it is getting smaller and smaller, due to grumpy neighbors around me.  It’s getting “thief time” – prior to every holiday, they come, like a pack of rabid dogs … Thanksgiving and Christmas is the biggest.


Today is THE day the truckers across the USA and the VETERANS are in Washington to protest our government not abiding to our constitutional rights … they’ve passed the ObamaCare or Affordable Health Care plan that almost NO one can afford with threats of IRS seizing returns/house/property if not getting ins or paying penalty and they did this without representation approval by us.  The famous comment was “you have to pass the bill, then read it, to find out what is in it” – this will go down in history.  It was drafted by Barack Obama originally.  Lots of talk of his impeachment is going on but he’s on vaca at this time … he calls the Congress/Senate to come “talk” about the government shutdown, then throws a tantrum saying he won’t budge in his decisions – how frustrating that must be for our guys trying to get this healthcare bird shredded before it destroys our country.  O’s ratings are about 37% in the dumpster right now, making me laugh that people are finally waking up to see a big eared black man with so little space for a brain.  He only got elected because of being half black, half white, is my opinion, because there was no background for education or leadership qualifications.  He came out of nowhere when a billionaire gave him money to run, with expectations of “favors in return” and that’s just what’s happening.  O is Muslim and it is obvious that that is coloring his aggressive control tactics to scare Americans into thinking the sky is falling.  “There shall be no other Gods before me” and so I’ll stay with my Saint James version and be all American, thank you very much.  I believe in one GOD, and I do “Stand my ground” in Texas.  I like my Congressman and am beginning to like Senator Cruz, just for his AIR capacity and trying so dainged hard to convince Washington that TEXANS don’t want ObamaCare cause it will destroy our way of life – we can’t afford it and want to keep our privacy, PRIVATE !! 




May God bless America


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