October 11, 2013 Thursday

Good afternoon to all …


Today, I’m in a quandary.  Yesterday was extremely traumatic for me.  I went to let my little dogs out for their early morning constitutional at about 8:15am and came back into the house to start the coffee, knowing they’d be ok due to them being little and the fence being strong enough that they couldn’t get out.  Well, just a few minutes later, I heard such a rukus out there, their little voices got real loud and vulgar profanity from a male had started so I rushed out to see the young, blonde male from across the street stomping over, screaming loudly at my little ones.  They’d been yelling hello at the usual joggers, as they do each morning.  That only lasts a few minutes and it’s their joy for the day since the joggers usually wave at them n smile.  He was really angry.  Last time he came out like this, he had a gun in his hand.  As I was able to be heard over him last time, he went down the neighbor’s drive and shot out a garage window in his frustration.  Those people thought my son did that and has asked him about it.  Of course he knew nothing as I was the one who’d heard the shot and seen this neighbor go down that driveway and not stopped him, thinking he was going to visit THAT neighbor since he too was single.  This man has problems!  He cursed all the way back into the house.  I called the Police and reported him.  They came out and took a report.  They did act odd about it.  They called me back awhile later to tell me he’d apologized and had been asleep, not knowing what he did.  duh?  OMG, if that’s how he acts asleep, I’d better keep the ALASKAN MACE handy when my dogs go outside cause he may shoot them and claim he was asleep.  He’s screamed at the children next door to him too and that dad had a very loud argument with him.  I’m real glad he doesn’t own that house and does NOT live there often, only a few weeks at a time and not very long at that.  It was inherited by family and they let nephews stay.  There’s one, dark brown hair young man with a young hound who is really nice, that stays there most, but he won’t if this one is there.  I miss him = he seems very stable and is polite!  I found my police to be odd – as I was telling them what had transpired, he sniffed me … I’d not had my coffee yet but I did notice this behavior! WTH!!!


By 6pm, my BP was still up past a reasonable range and I had taken my normal meds.  I continued to lay down, trying to control it.  I finally took a pain med so I could avoid a ER trip.  Today, my back, hip, and right leg is really hurting!  I just cannot rush or run and yesterday – I DID.  I love my furbabies and will do almost anything for their safety.  That man would have hurt them if not for me.  My plan today is to keep them inside and to apply a lot of skin med that’s stinky and internal meds for pain, maybe a trip to the Chiro for me.  It’s a shame that going outside is so limited because I sure pay a lot of taxes to live here.  My house is paid off but my freedom doesn’t seem to be.  Next time I see those owners, I will tell them about him, if given the chance.  I don’t know if they care about neighbors’opinion, or just being sure the house isn’t torn up by vandals and getting the taxes paid.  The owners who passed away were really good, decent people and may they RIP.  This house was left to brothers/sisters, from my understanding.


Since the government shutdown, my son has received more paperwork, asking about his being hurt on the job at GISD and such.  He immediately filled it out and sent it back.  We’re praying it be approved just as fast as he really needs HIS MONEY.  It’s been 3+ years since he worked and my SS doesn’t go far.


Shred ACA/Obamacare.  My belief is it is taxation without representation so therefore, illegal.  I believe if there were no debt limit increase, they’d be forced to work with what they have, just like WE THE PEOPLE have had to do…. the sky would not fall.  Obama is using scare tactics.  The truckers and Vets are going to be in Washington for this weekend to protest our being gagged and our rights being smashed.  I support them and wish I could be there to stand behind them with signs of support!  This is the only time I would ever be in a picket line in my entire life!! but I’d be proud to stand with them, if I could.  Let WE THE PEOPLE be heard, IMPEACH ….


May the Lord watch over America …



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