October 10, 2013 Thursday

Good morning to all!

It’s been awhile but I’ve survived all the chaos going on …

The ObamaCare or ACA, whatever you want to call it, is still being screamed about being the most horrible taxation without representation being placed on the public in American history, we’re in the second week of a government shutdown yet I read about Obama giving out money to his buddies secretly.  It’s deplorable.  I vote daily that he be impeached.  I do believe all the qualifications are in place for the Congress and Senate to do that.  What would actually happen is he’d be escorted out of the White House and the VP would step into place until the end of the term and election time, we’d all vote for a new President.  I pray this time, it will be for a better choice and not a tyrant like this one who set his mind to destroy America.  No one seemed to do much background check on this man before voting for him!  they just took his word and said yes, yes, yes.  How trusting we’ve become … like sheep being led to the slaughter house.  No wonder he’s been compared to Hitler on FaceBook and Tweeter.  The truckers of America are on their way to Washington now in protest, demanding that WE THE PEOPLE be heard that he be IMPEACHED.  I pray for their safe journeys and successful accomplishment of this feat. I believe if the Debt ceiling isn’t raised, Congress will be forced to manage the checkbook just like we’ve had to do and the sky WILL NOT FALL.  I’m just not falling for Obama’s scare tactics.  I believe he’s a Muslim who specializes in terrorism and that’s what he’s done to America, DIVIDE & DESTROY…. I won’t give in.  My own Congressman is trying to be strong in his vote.  His family has major illnesses (son with cerebral palsy since birth) and needs all the support we can muster but I see lots of posts really being harsh on him.  I pray his health hold up to the stress – he does seem like a good man.  He’s been good to me, personally.  I’ll stay loyal to him until I find a lie.


My own son’s health is about the same – spasms continue, migraines, major back pain, and so does the falling over from his injuries at GISD, over 3 yrs ago.  I pray his SSD be approved soon.  The paperwork was submitted almost a month ago yet a few days ago, more came in for him to complete.  This will be his second attempt.  He does need this for his survival and he has worked for years so it is not an entitlement, it’s his own insurance, paid for by himself for him to use when he needed it!  NOW, he needs it…. especially, the Medicare, so he can get medical help.  I was shocked that the GISD Director convinced him to resign and didn’t help him when son told him he was injured!  They’ve been so crooked and gossipy and caused severe depression in my son also.  He worked there so loyally for 4 years, making sure the buses were safe for the students yet, this is the thanks he got in return.  The Supervisor received a letter in his file from Workers Comp regarding his own negligence of duties as he’d refused to write up son’s injuries so he was not covered as on-job-injury.  Therefore, the Supervisor carried a deep grudge against son and I believe, still does, since he was so achievement oriented for himself only.  We are surviving because it is God’s will, and no other reason.  GISD seems to have put stopping blocks everywhere they could to prevent son from getting aide of any kind.  There’s no logic in this!


I am thankful today for my own Social Security which we live off.  My home was inherited and no lien so life goes on.  God will show us the way out of this … I have faith in HIM.


Be well, know HIS blessings and HE will shine HIS light upon you.





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