BamBam Gorilla is my female Brussels Griffon that has been coughing since her facial surgery done back in January to help her sight yet I am so pleased to report, I now have that under control with meds from my local Vet! after having to take her to a Specialist for a lot of tests. Even he told me a weird diagnosis but did do logical testing & I saw her MRIs which my own Vet could not do. She and I are both very pleased to be able to get a good night’s sleep, FINALLY. We were concerned the coughing would be something that would require termination and we both didn’t want to face that. If not for our strong, fighting attitude to live and be happy, we would not be smiling today. I had begun to get her help for cataracts. She was damaged in surgery (her face & trachea were damaged) yet we were told something else… no case of Bronchitis lasts this long, I am positive. I may be getting older, but not that old. Happy sweet people-personalities in the office and the doctor, do not make up skills in the OR. I will not take her back there and, WE will have a better day … I only regret I paid for better services and didn’t get what I had prayed, that my furbaby would see again. At least now, she’s not coughing, looks beautiful, and is happy again. It has been a very long, stressful, nine months. I thank GOD for carrying us through this storm.

May the Lord walk with you,
now and always.

Just ask Him and He will be there.


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