September 19, 2013 Thursday

 good morning to all my lovely online buddies!

My day isn’t planned at
all – I’m going to fly by the seat of my pants, just doing the best I
can to make a buck n smile all the way … I promise to keep whining at bay
cause it just pisses everyone off and that will cost me in the

My furbabies have all but stopped coughing. I seem to have
found the right combo of meds finally. Thank the Lord and praise Jesus,
HALLELUJAH, they say!! We’re all resting better and they’re bouncing for joy and
looking great! I am pleased to say, the long road may be at a happy

Son is feeling OK about signing up for SSD and even seems happy
about getting medical help since his pain has continued for so long. Found out
all the people he’d worked with at GISD Transportation Dept have been term’d, except the one major
gossiper Ernie, who was supposed to have helped him on the transmission job that injured him initially, and we feel his time is coming. KARMA is real … so are candle rituals and prayers. teeheee

Have to have doctor sign paperwork at this point
so I’ll be running errands awhile. Was really pleased to get PB from another
member offering help regarding this stuff. Such a dear! tia …

God is good, God is great, let us thank HIM for all HE does …
now go forth and
show what HE has taught us…

Be well my friends,
I am thankful to
count you as my friends…


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