G’d morning one and all 0



we had a quick power outage yesterday evening and I am having issues getting the hall light to go OFF now.  hummmmm, I guess God doesn’t want me in the dark.  I may unscrew the bulb for now.


Last night gave us “severe thunderstorms for the Dallas area” but what I saw was just rain, nothing to get excited about, and the yard loved it.  (Of course, my arthritis told me all this was coming, long before the news people did.  It’s the humidity change that does it really.  I get lots of energy, then the crippling pain, deep down, hits and puts me down needing meds.  I wish it were just sore muscles like the old days… I still enjoy the fresh smell of rain coming and saw the orange sky)


Found a fun item on eBay yesterday.  An Elegant Quilted Satin Bedspread @$14.95 with free s/h.  I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the past year since it is more comfy than the $2K mattress bed made for bad backs.  The furbabies don’t care as long as mommie is there.  We’re a family clan.  I have loved satin since the day I came to live with Mom & George.  Mom had made me a bedspread with lace.  My very first “girl’s only” and I secretly cried with joy.  She didn’t make me haul wood, mow, pull weeds, shovel dirt, etc, none of the man’s work that living with bioDad was all about.  I could be a girl and had a frilly girl’s area, even with hand lotion.  I still have that bedspread, neatly packed away in plastic with mothballs.  Some things are not to be used anymore, just because they service a memory…. s-a-t-i-n, just the word puts a smile on my face. 


BioDad never forgave me for making that life choice and made me pay for it, with a smile on his face.  That, my friend, is a deep seated grudge against your children considered insane and very dangerous to humanity yet he is free to do this to others.  Children are supposed to be happy, not scared all the time nor worked to the point of blistered & bleeding hands… I wish I had know Audie Murphy and I remember praying to go to an orphanage…before Mom came back into my life not knowing bioDad had been denying her visitations.


Enough of memory lane – still giving out meds to furry loved ones and getting the coffee ready.  Plans today are to go with son to talk about his Medicaid and FS continuance since they sent him a notice they’ll stop it if he doesn’t go get a job.  We’ll pickup his X-rays from the doctor and show them what he is dealing with for more understanding of what he has had to deal with and why we’re sure he can’t hold down a regular job and it is permanent now after 3+years.  I am praying they have eyes and can read so we’ll have no problems.  I don’t have much left to break at this point from frustration tantrums…. The new Chiropractor was astonished he’d done as well as he had when I updated him on son.  “Only 3 ER visits this year” was his remark, and highly recommended he come in at least once a month for adjustments.  Son had gotten to the point of not being able to walk without falling OVER.  Last time he went to the regular doctor on the insurance plan I pay for for him, they had him wait 2 hours and more.  That hurts his body more than words can describe so he had to leave without refills and they refused to refill his meds without seeing the “doctor” which is only the doctor assistant.  We’ve never really met the doctor who runs this place….he did wave at us in the hallway one day, does that count?  I don’t think so.  The insurance company rejected the ER charges also so I cancelled them and now, they are upset too.  May I just wish them a nice day?  I’m not spending money for their good looks.  We have several thousand dollars in bills and it says the insurance denied payment … I called them and was told it wasn’t covered.  Seems I got shafted cause this money paid out isn’t covering anything except SOME on doctor office visits and if anything is done, ie, lab work, that too comes out of pocket, so I’m just throwing my SSD money out the window…. that needs to stop NOW> LOL, they’re (ins co) are really upset that I want to cancel and are calling often “to talk about it” well I guess so …. I would be too if I’d found a sucker giving me money who woke up and stopped payment … Enough is enough.  My son needs Medicaid and Food Stamps since leaving GISD. His pride gets in the way, as with any other Leo.  Even the tax man who replaced Mr Winton, our family tax man who passed away, says GISD owes son a ton of money.  I asked son to be sure and ask him HOW to collect on that, cause everything I’ve thought of, hasn’t worked out.  Decency doesn’t apply with GISD’s Transportation Dept … they lie & gossip with pride.  I once knew a gay man who said the same thing about other school districts but thought it was due to him being openly gay as I’m not FOR gays openly being teachers, it should STAY in their private life. (he was asking me to write a letter for him as reference)


Have a good day and I am sending out prayers for those in need, even if you think you may not need them, you’ll find you do.


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