September 4, 2013 Wednesday

G’d morning to one and all, I pray for happier times for us, as a group of good people with good intentions.
My plan for today is going with son to dentist. Yeah, I know he’s old enough to go alone but last visit was a rough one. He came back so exhausted from all the work, he fell into bed for several hours then got up to get the pain pill… he’d broken a new crown on a Butterfinger bar. TOTALED it! Had just had that one done for $1800 … I tweeted Butterfinger about it and they had their ppl call him. Since we didn’t keep the wrapper, they offered $50 toward the damage. hummmm … so eat at your own risk. We’re out a lot of money just for a sweet snack of energy boost. Back to the dentist visit, who is doing his best to save that tooth. Re-doing all the prior work and it broke further into the root…. more drilling, 2 posts, another crown. Son’s jaw swelled up, and I am so glad this dentist gave him pain meds, which son had tried to say no thank you, to, but dentist said “you’re going to need them”. I really like this guy. For the next 5-7 days, we ate soft food. Today is more work on that tooth with more anesthesia, so I’ll drive… Can you believe this son of mine was going to “just let it go?” … said he didn’t have the money to fix it so … well, Mom to the rescue, again. He’s too young to ignore his teeth. Teeth are the root of your health. I bought him a good electric tooth brush and threw out his manual. Enough of the silliness. No more Butterfingers either. Good grief…. Live longer or enjoy the moment. I want to see 100 years. Do you? He nodded yes and took his pain med. I am sure exH’s mother never did any of this for him and that’s what keeps him coming back to me.
I took my 2 male dogs to the Vet yesterday for their yearly exams.  Verdel’s heart is still the same but otherwise, he’s in good shape for his age.  He was born in 2001.  AKC Brussels Griffon.  Loving little guy that he is.  Jesse, my little blond guy we found at a garage sale in Garland, starving along with his mother and brother, is doing wonderful.  He was born on Valentine Day in 2010.  When he came home with us, he was 3 months old and so weak he couldn’t hold his head up.  Now, he’s doing great and at 18 lbs, all bouncy and ready to take on the world to protect me by screaming to scare off any predators.  BamBam (coughing since surgery in Jan) and SueSue (heart problems) go in to see the Vet in 2 weeks for theirs.  Both of them are still suffering but on meds.  The good news is everyone is looking beautiful and acting happy.  They all love their GREENIES and their teeth are beautiful.
I sincerely wish I weren’t so far from Angela. I have a spare car up for sale that the gal hasn’t been back to claim. Gal made a down payment 3 months ago and we’ve not heard from her since. Called and the phone is disconnected. It’s small, economical, runs very good. a/c great. Would be perfect for Angela in this situation but we cannot get it to her. I am sure something will turn up for both of us. You all know, GOD has HIS plan and we just have to work with it.
Be well, keep smiling.
GOD is listening to every word you speak and think.

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