September 4, 2013 Wednesday

It’s been an exhausting day.


I went with my son to the dentist.  Even though he’s over 21, it was a workout in detail and painful, so I was there to drive, if he needed me.  Good thing I went, he was swollen and extremely tired looking when the dentist got through for the appointment.   Seems he’s doing a few crowns.  Butterfinger caused one of those crowns to be redone that son had just finished getting done – they donated $50 as a generous offer since we didn’t keep the wrapper.  I’m feeling sarcastic about that.  Who the hell keeps empty wrappers?  Well, we’re paying the price … he paid ~$1800 for that crown to begin, and is still paying on it, now add another $750, to save his tooth.  All because he had a sweet tooth and wanted a piece of candy.


I’m still waiting on my letter from Social Security saying I’m being converted from Disability to regular Social Security since my 66th birthday is this month.


The dogs aren’t doing so well.  SueSue is on regular heart meds now.  BamBam is still coughing – ever since the January surgery!  I’ve about max’d out my credit cards trying to get her help and they keep telling me to bring her back for checkups….  Verdel’s heart is about the same but at ~13, he’s in fine shape to me.  Of course, Jesse is still bouncing 6′ from the front porch trying to catch that squirrel … if he ever succeeds, I’ll have to figure out how to pay that Vet bill.  I’m sure there’ll be sitches involved.  In the meantime, it was a hoot-n-nanny at the Vet’s place when mine ran off a huge dog cause they thought he MIGHT get too close to me in the waiting room.  That huge dog nearly pee’d the rug and the owner was shocked … the Vet roflhao and so did the rest of the crew.  My little family is so happy to see/visit with everyone, usually… The expression “MY MOMMIE, MY MOMMIE” comes to mind, real loud & clear … LOL


Well, off to get the pain meds for my son.  He’ll be waking up soon and from the swelling, I am sure it will be throbbing.  This is a wonderful dentist!


Have a good day, spread good will & don’t gossip.

Smile big … it attracts good people and makes puppies wag their tails at you.

Thank GOD for your blessings.


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