August 30, 2013 Friday

Friday, you say?

Today is Schwann’s delivery so yahoo, I just love their potato/sausage/egg combo that you just open the package and throw in a pan, heat it up, add a herb biscuit with butter, & hummm hummm good. Coffee please and I’m good to go for hours.

SueSue is improving immensely with the new meds – I am overjoyed at the improvement! she’s smiling too … it may be time for me to buy a X-ray machine … I’d sure as he!! save myself a bundle of money cause I’m thinking of insisting on a new X-ray be done on BamBam cause they did sound EXACTLY alike … only difference is BamBam was never diagnosed with a heart murmur.

Got my sewer line completed and have been trying to put the room back in place. What a mess they left but it was just rearranging the room, not anything else. They were very clean about their work. exH never kept his word about helping pay for that. He’s not changed one bit from the days we were married. His epiphany wasn’t big enough. Now, we can potty, without worrying, and flush in peace. What a treat … I can remember the days, in my youth, of using an outhouse. My, my, we’ve come a long way baby. For what I paid for this, a family of 10 could live a year on it back in those days! now, to find a nice, diligent, cleaning lady who won’t get all insulted at the mess and run, saying I’m looking for slave labor. Yes, I have had one say that – as stupid as it sounds, she did, and walked out, after demanding gas money for coming here. That’s one way to get gas money when you need it…. I don’t think I could have ever done anyone that way. I am sure she won’t be called to clean here again…. many young people are sure getting uppity.

I got some really good news yesterday. Remember way back when I said you could donate your body to Medical Schools upon your death to be cremated at no cost to your family? well, I just found their General Medicine Clinic located just a mile or so from my house and they accept my insurance! Full service place and at every visit you see the DOCTOR, not a doctor assistant. I am thrilled. These are full M.D.s going into practice looking for new patients and I AM HERE & thrilled to pieces. They’ll want to keep me healthy and I can finish my paperwork for after I am finished with this body. How cool is that? I faxed a request to the current clinic who has been having the DAs see me every time but telling me “the doctor will be right with you” and then having me wait an hour or two AFTER my appointment time, to send all my info to UT Southwestern, to get the ball rolling. My appointment is Sept 10. When I talked to the DocAsst about the second letter they sent me regarding abnormal blood work results, she was rude, I don’t need that nor deserve that. She’s in her late 20s – I am a Disabled Senior and on her. I’m not a piece of meat. My body, my choice. I’m changing to UT. It’s a lot nicer neighborhood too. The elite neighborhood, Park Cities of Dallas, with their own Police Dept. Their taxes are a lot higher than mine, LOL. I feel so blessed even though I’ve been getting those panic letters from doctors for years now…another reason for Diazepam, occassionally. Beats the dickens outta ruining my liver which still has a hematoma on it from the MVA, by having a very stiff drink.

I helped son sign up for Food Stamps and Medicaid online. Sure hope we did it right. He needs the help and has just been dragging his feet, thinking things would improve. His back is still spasming really badly, so it’s not improving. He hated the clinic people I was going to so that didn’t work out, to help him. His right knee bent backwards the other day and did put him to the ground. I bought him a good knee brace. A friend of his, who does mobile Physical Therapy, told him he was lucky and to wear it before he goes totally lame. SO, he’s put it on. Mom does have some good ideas and it was nice of the PT to tell him so. He’s already got about $8K in ER bills that we’re trying to cope with. If the supervisor at GISD had written up the “on the job accident” (WC sent a letter for Supervisor’s file saying he wasn’t doing his job well so now, he’s got a grudge against son), there would have been help thru Worker’s Comp, but nawwww, the guy didn’t want it on his record that a employee got hurt on his shift. Telling son to resign and everything would be ok was dumb too. They get you to go home and heal, then offer to rehire you and bridge your service. What a scam … even Temp Agencies treat people better. That supervisor even stopped his getting hired at several dealerships where they’d told him they wanted him. It was crooked…. Karma will get that guy sooner or later, and the real truth will come out, not the lies he’s been telling about my son. I am doing the best I can to help son get thru all this stress, in a peaceful manner, even though it has been full of tests in patience. Gossip and lies coming from there has been horrible to handle while dealing with bad pain. The wife of the co-worker who was supposed to be helping when the accidents happened, is the one who’s caused the most stress…. the Police are FINALLY on her case as a psychotic stalker. We may finally be on our way to healing. It’s been over 3 years …

So glad the morphine is helping Daisy’s (she is Director of Nursing Home) gentleman be more comfortable. My George (stepfather) wanted that his last week and I had to demand it for him. His oncologist hesitated for some insane reason. I believe she had opera tickets and had left the office, refusing to answer the pager. It is a miracle drug when severe pain is involved and my migraines need it sometimes so I go to the ER for help. Sure glad it was invented. May they find him help so he recovers. Sending prayers by the truckloads.

And all our others fighting the “feel bad” in any way – may GOD walk with you and lighten your burdens so you can sing in the sunshine. XOXOXO


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