August 24, 2013 Saturday

Here is your Daily Feng Shui Tip by Ellen Whitehurst for Saturday, August 24
‘International Bat Night’ means something different to Feng Shui aficionados than it might to a sidekick named Robin. According to this philosophy, bats, especially red ones, have long signified abundance, prosperity, happiness and longevity. Today, download and hang an image of ‘The Five Red Feng Bats’ for nine or 27 days in your ‘Fame’ arena. Abundance, prosperity, recognition and rewards will soon find themselves winging their way to you.

oookkkkkay, who knew there were “red” bats, I thought they were all black? just to blend in with the darkness and hide better? I’m off to find a red bat cause I want all this extra good luck!! anyone know a good taxidermist with a few to sell ?? unless, of course, they’re the size of a dinosaur …

BamBam is still coughing, almost 9 months after having the facial skin removed to help her see better.  Meds got refilled that have the Hydrocodene in it but it does seem to help with the pain she is going through.  She even asks for it.  If she didn’t look so good and seem so healthy on the outside, I would believe it is time to put her down.  I wish I’d never taken her to Veterinary Animal Clinic, in north Allen, TX, for visionary help even though they are really nice people.  It has cost me three times what I spent on the surgery, just for the diagnostic doctor to make her comfortable to this point and it looks as if this will be an on-going, till she passes, type thing…. She was in good health prior to the facial surgery.  I thought I was doing something good for her.
I’m still awaiting my 66th birthday letter from Social Security.  My Advocate says it is on its way.  My ex-husband says he’s sure he knows I can’t get regular SS until 67, but then, he’s sure he knows everything…. another reason to be divorced from him.  He was mean and cruel to me when I became disabled.  I’m not at all sure WHY he comes to visit now except he had his epiphany via a quad bypass after the divorce.  God does have a way of communication – I am sure of that!  I’d told him long ago, “God will strike you dead for that …” and he did, so this is his second chance with God, not with me.
Off, into my day, pills for the pups and liquids to get down them, coffee for me.  Vet talked about adding inhalers to help.   That should be a fun experience.  They’re getting better at hiding when they see spoons come out, so I’ve got to become more creative … gotta love kids with fur.
Have a blessed day and be kind to each other – God is watching


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