August 19, 2013 Monday

I think I did a lot of visiting with past relatives all night.  I got up feeling like I’d run a serious marathon, or maybe it was due to listening to exH whine about his interactions of his meds causing problems.  Saddest part is he STILL would not admit out loud how badly I was hurt in that MVA nor how he refused to help me when I needed him the most.  Something in me needs to hear those words from him.  He’d been sitting there telling my son that KARMA, in other words of course since he doesn’t use that one, will come around on everyone so he shouldn’t feel hate/anger about what has happened to him, just go on with his life.  (exH sued me while I was having a surgery and tried to cut off my insurance coverage and in the hospital saying I had abandoned him and he had no clue where I was even though the insurance company always called him on the job to remind him, at his request, which really caused me serious troubles.  One & 1/2 yrs after the divorce I agreed to after battling with his quickie, he had to have a quad bypass, now, he’s still having issues….  I did put a spell on him, with asking God’s permission, and it is working.  Until this man fully apologizes, his healthy will continue to frighten him as he frightened me and tried to kill me, yet claims he didn’t.  He will heal when he gets honest and makes amends.  He comes here on his on, not invited …


so my plan today is to take it easy …



I’ve got all the washing done and just waiting to be folded, I don’t think it’ll fuss about sitting n waiting.   Son is happy he has found a used computer board for his work truck via a neighbor who spent the day at a good wrecking yard, and it was a decent price with warranty.  Life continues till God calls me, let no human will interfere with God’s WILL.  He stays true, faithful, honest, beautiful love, and sent me 4 dogs who needed me as much as I needed them.  They’ve helped me pull through times when I thought I wouldn’t make it.  My son has always been by my side and I am very thankful for him.  I do pray his life be as good as I wanted for him, as he deserves GOOD … God gave him to me, after 3 miscarriages, so he was a miracle.  Onward into my day, and may your day be blessed with something that makes it special to you.  Just ask GOD and it may happen.


Sprinkle your day with fairy dust and see what happens … smiles may start!


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