August 18, 2013 Sunday

I’m so sorry I was MIA, I was in links praying with gabby, ruby, and daisy &
a few others who really needed some support right now….. please forgive me, I
didn’t intend to neglect my favorite breakfast group

nights in Dallas have been so much better recently and I can feel Fall upon us.
Let’s all sing! Hallelujahhhhh … I found a very interesting DVD at Walmart
online recently and it’s passing the slow times while I do my p/t work. It’s
“The Ten Commandments” . I can’t remember how long it’s been since I saw that.
For less than $5, I couldn’t pass it over. It’s turning out to be quite well

My scanning postage thingie is finally paying off – I was able to
claim a $10 Chili’s Gift card and still have $2 left in the account…how nice
is that? just for getting my mail everyday and going to a site, scanning with
their meter reader, then submitting. That’s all. No problem, simple. I can do
simple and drink coffee at the same time!

BamBam has started her 24/7
coughing again. Guess what I’m doing in the middle of the night? I may purchase
another rocking chair….

The silence from Lori (son’s stalker) now is
effecting son. He fretted until exH assured him it is best. I cannot understand
men. I’ve said the exact same words but son listened to weirdo exH’s words as if
they came straight from GOD….and he calmed down. Could it be because they are
both Leos? and they come to me because I am an earth sign (Virgo)? geeze, I love
my dogs, they’re easier to understand. If they act up, give ’em a bath and they
settle right down, and will kiss you for it later. It takes my son a few days, “to
think it over” then hug/kiss me n say Mom, I love you. He sorta acts delayed
sometimes…. I know, I’m working on it… BUT, I do love this kid too. Sometimes I just wish he had fur!

Well, I guess that’s about all that’s going on here. I’ve sent
encouraging messages to everyone I read that had concerns, prayed special ones
for those in need, sent out hugs “just because”, scrubbed myself silly
head-to-toe in the shower, got my coffee and ready to go to work for a few hours.
Did I miss anything? oh yeah, I burned the biscuits.   ooops, didn’t need those
calories anyway.

May the Lord walk with you today, guide you and bless you.
May HE protect you from harm’s way.
May you always feel HIS love.



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