August 14, 2013 Wednesday

G’d morning everyone.


I’m still looking for my SSD letter saying I’m being converted over to regular SS soon since I turn 66 next month.  My friends say it will come, one month prior, so any day now… I’m not sure why, but that seems to be a milestone to me.  It’s been a long, hard, road since being hurt so badly in 2000 from that MVA.  My exH is just now realizing how badly.  He’d told everyone who asked about me that I was just fine and would be back at work soon, even my attorney so the guy didn’t fight very hard to get me compensation from the person causing the accident.  That was a bummer by itself, then the attorney charged me 50%!  In Texas!  Of course, exH was no help and demanded 50% too.  I got almost nothing to cover the bills and yet exH did not pay much to help me.  The $750/mo he gave me to cover house/utilities/groceries/etc was supposed to take care of EVERYTHING, in his mind.  He often said I just couldn’t handle money, so you can imagine how upset I was at the divorce when my attorney let him keep his savings account and didn’t ask for half of that.  Seems the attorney was suffering from cancer treatments and didn’t tell me.  I think a refund is in order but I’ve not asked for that.  I just don’t call him for anything else nor refer him.  I did tell the office manager about it.


A weird letter came yesterday from my Primary Care doctor.  Last time was one saying to come in immediately due to my blood work.  I called for an appointment.  Got there early, waited an hour and was still waiting so I asked how much longer would it be.  She told me there were two ahead of me, in the same appointment timeframe.  I said, call me when you are ready to see me… I’m going home, this is ridiculous, and left.  My cholesterol levels are usually changing and I get these letters everytime.  They also sent me a form letter about signing up for Medicare – duh?  Been on that since LAST year …  I have an appointment next week with my cardiologist, who had me wait an hour last time I was there, so I had them re-schedule me too.  I’m not fond of being a second-hand rose or in a cattle call as the PC office makes me feel.  All the PCs in my health care plan that I’ve found do give me this feeling.  I’ve yet to meet the PC doctor running the place.


The neighbor wrote a nasty letter to me about son hanging a gate and attaching to her fence for extra support then sent a copy to her attorney.  We removed the gate and I sent a letter to CitySvc about her.  She’s been a peeping tom for years and fussed about everything under the sun while calling Code Compliance on us.  I told them all about her.  Our cars are scratched, her trees hang over and we trim them – she complained and threatened to sue me.  It goes on and on …  She hired a crew to cut a tree down and it fell on my garage, broke skylights and refused to cover damages or acknowledge.  I told them about it all.  I’m sick of her and her petty ways.  Code was going to write me up if I didn’t pull HER weeds/vines coming over into my yard.  Neighbor is trying to sue about that too…. I was not speechless.   


We’re still sweating here in Dallas from the triple digit temperatures.  It is raining too.  The thunder has stopped so that helps.  The furbabies settled down to resting and that coughing had started up again in BamBam is quieting again, with some meds.  The daily pill is still necessary but the cough syrup hasn’t been needed in two weeks, until a couple of days ago.  It’s the hydrocodone liquid that the Vet said, don’t fret about her getting addicted to it, well, ok…  I’ve been all choked up too with a drippy nose and dizzy when I first get up so we’re a fun group while making the coffee – I’m passing out pills packed in something … LOL


Son brought in steaks, sealed in packages, a few days ago and last night I cooked up a couple on the George Foreman grill I finally found packed away in the back of the cabinet. hidden.  Sprinkled with A1 powder, they turned out D-E-L-I-S-H … with a salad.  Nothing else needed!  I think we spent $5 each so I felt so good about that.


Son worked on a lady’s car yesterday who works at GISD.  Yes, you can imagine … he came home telling about her asking what he did before becoming a mobile ASE Tech and he told her about his time with GISD (and prior) and how they treated him.  I’m astonished he didn’t tell her about Lori’s stalking!  He seemed to take the blame for his stupid actions also!  This isn’t making sense to me and I tried to be kind even tho my head was hurting and I’d been at the toilet a lot with this migraine.  Well, he started his raising his voice, then hopped up and said he had to leave.  I was definitely fine with that.  He went off to work on a fog horn on a guy’s car.  Came back home about 10pm, happy.  Life was good.  Nothing else mentioned about the lady.  Kids can drive you nuts…. I’m weary of being a mom … it’s like cleaning up poop 24/7, when will they ever “get smart”? I’ve met people with photographic memories and know there are areas they are just incapable of processing and my son seems to be so close to this.  I’ve no clue what to say to help aim him at this point yet I feel the need, but he wants me to keep quiet and be a “post” yet that seems wrong in my opinion.  I’m not running his life, only offering advice to further him.  I have enough things to keep me busy on my own.  The astrology prediction says he’ll find happiness in October, I pray that is this coming OCTOBER … maybe all the people who’ve stiffed him will finally PAY him.  Those are almost put him into filing bankruptcy, if he could afford that.  I have recommended he talk with a JP about filing Mechanic’s Liens on them.  He should be thankful for MOM …


Sending prayers out to those who need, and those who don’t know they need them yet.  My radar is up …


Be happy and take one day at a time!  pet the dog, they look to you for love.


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