August 6, 2013 Tuesday

I’ll start today saying I hope you have a good day.


Now that I have that out of the way, on with my venting.

I have a neighbor, Judy is her real name.  She’s in her late 40s/early 50s and doesn’t look like a female.  Lives with a guy who has a different last name and oddly enough, they do look very similar in shape, size, hair cut, etc.  She is the complaining champion of the world.  She is also a major peeping tom.  I should have called the Police on her years ago, but trying to be a good neighbor, I let it go as the guy had come over early in their moving in, to say she was sick and he’d try to keep her quiet.  Hummm, George got sick with cancer not long after they moved in.  They live on the corner, right next to me, also in a two story house.  She seems to enjoy harassing old people for some odd reason.  He said he had paid for an education for her to become a psychologist and she worked online.  OMG … I can’t begin to imagine what advice she’d be giving to someone calling in already upset, but, I try to just tend to my life.  They have a lot of yard parties and keep tents put up… I think they are a paranoid type or such.  Now I know why.  When they first moved in, they came over to tell me to remove my satellite dish as it MIGHT fall on their house.  All I could say was it was there when you looked at that house.  Where you do you live now?  When they said “here” and pointed to their house, questioning me, I said leave MY PROPERTY and GO HOME, NOW.  period.  I was angry.  Then she hired some illegals to cut down a tree in the backyard, which broke my garage skylights.  George went over to tell her and ask them to fix it.  She denied all responsibility.  Well, well.  I talked to the guy after George passed away and he just walked away.  So, this is the neighbors.  We’re on our own from their damages while they p-a-r-t-y …


Today, via USPS, I get a letter from her saying she is going to sue if I don’t remove a wooden gate my son put up between our garage and her fence.  He used about 8 screws to help hold it up.  She is claiming major damage to her property.  We are not to cut trees, scrubs, etc., on their property without written permission or suffer the consequences of full extent of the law.  Son, with injured knee from a recent fall, went out in triple degree temperatures, to remove the gate installed due to a coyote roaming the area and killing small animals.  We also didn’t want prowlers coming down the blind side nor her.  She’s called Code Compliance on US due to her weeds/vines coming over that fence into our yard and Code told ME they’d fine me if I didn’t remove them immediately.  Code stood there while I pulled.  (Code was an Iranian female who came on 09/11 and was harsh to me, also saying we’ll be back threatenly.  We were robbed shortly afterwards, as usual.  Vehicles broken into, building broken into, tools taken, and such.  Single lady neighbor across alleyway had her backdoor kicked in and was robbed)   She came bouncing over within an hour of George passing away with a huge bundle of flowers, acting like she was high on something, giggling “I’m so sorry”.  I was devastated and not in the mood for company so I’ve no clue why my husband even opened the door to anyone!  Judy and husband have been the source of many a migraine since my MVA in 2000.  He doesn’t live here any more but she continues on, like a bad virus that have no cure.  Her bushes scratch our cars when coming down the alleyway to our drive in back.  Her bushes and trees keep people from using the walkway out front.  She has been seen dumping her doggy bags in MY TRASH can to keep from carrying them one more house to her own trash can or dumping them on a pile of brush set out for monthly pickup.  She takes advantage of everyone.  She harassed the little old lady across the street from me, saying she had the really bad black mold, scaring her so bad she moved out, keeping the house, and renting an apartment till she died.  Too upset to be in her own home and put up with the harassment.  Her family had passed on too.  I guess Judy has decided it’s my turn.  I turn 66 next month.  I’ve been disabled since 2000.  My son got hurt on the job 3+ years ago and has been hobbling along ever since.  He was turned down for SSD but WC said he is injured.  Since his Supervisor refused to write up the injury, he was refused for coverage by WC and the Supervisor got a nasty letter put in his permanent file by WC, so he carries a grudge against son.  That’s caused enough stress around here, so I don’t need the PEEPER nor CODE to intrude and bring on migraines to either of us.  We have enough medical bills as it is that we’re trying to cover as we can.  The good news is I am able to keep my furbabies out of reach from the psycho kid down the street…. and the crazy gal on the other side of me, moved away.  She got caught screaming in her yard at me by someone who I’d told she was doing that.  They thought I was hallucinating over my meds.  I knew I wasn’t.  When they saw/heard for themselves, it made a difference, and she moved to her parents house.  It has been SO NOISY around here for years and I’ve no clue why since this is a great location.  Just some really crazy people pushing others around.  They forget their boundaries.  I silenced Judy some by putting up an 8ft fence between us and it insulted her but shut her up some.  She began calling Code people on us as she walked down the alleyway to look in.  Son has tried, with help, to build a wooden fence to stop that… it’s costly to live next door to Judy and it shouldn’t be.  The way they work, as he said, is hard to find constant contracts that pay.  They should be busy with their own lives and not snooping on others.  dayum, I can’t believe how much effort some people put into being bored out of their wits.  Apparently, Judy can’t afford a hobby.  When their first dog barked a little, she immediately took him and had his vocal cords cut.  He didn’t live long.  Now they have two more and he stopped her from doing that again.  Cute little dogs but I am not allowed to say anything to the dogs like I usually do “talk to the dogs & wave to the babies” as they go by.  This couple is bizarre.  They make me think of the Hansel & Gretel story without the long hair on the girl.  Did I mention she sent a copy of her letter to a attorney?  I called mine and the entire office about fell out of the chairs laughing.  I felt foolish for telling them the entire story.


I wish George had allowed me to pursue an attorney over the tree breaking the skylights now… but he always “wore a white hat”, just like Roy Rogers.  May he RIP.  He passed away in July ’99 from pancreatic cancer, after valiant efforts to defeat this horrible disease.  He was a Marine Staff Sgt in WWII with Honors brought back from Hawaii just before Pearl Habor got bombed, to teach our troups.  I was lucky to have him in my life.  He convinced me angels exist and that there are good people around us.


May God keep you in His grace, now and forever.


Thank you for allowing to speak my mind today.


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